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  1. Exiled Survivor

    RP Hunt Looking for Helluva Boss rp

    Ok So I've been obsessed with Helluva Boss as of late and I kinda wanna rp it with somebody. I do have a female OC for it and I Absolutely adore Fizzeroli. Though he is not my only favorite. I'd like the relationships to be preferable FxF or FxM. MxM is fine in certain Circumstances, But i'm...
  2. BlueBird

    Fantasy RP Make a Wish (Knight)

    “Mel, I dare you to go summon a demon that grants wishes.” Amelia blinked in confusion for a while, “That’s genie not a demon Chloe.” Chloe shook her head, “Nope, I’ve read a book that a demon can grant certain wishes it might be even better than a genie.” Amelia sighed, “Fine, What do I have to...
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