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  1. K

    RP Hunt Looking for a male to rp with

    Hi guys! I have a couple ideas for a rp and looking for a male character- 1. Mafia Boss x innocent girl 2. Brothers bad best friend 3. Celebrity x bodyguard 4. Princess x bodyguard If anyone’s interested send me a message, I’m also up to discuss any ideas you may have.
  2. opalbat67

    RP Hunt Looking for roleplay friends/friend?

    Hello!! My names Marilyn but most people call me rose. I’m absolutely open for nsfw I love most storylines, fantasy (vampires, DND, etc) video games (cod, stardew, etc), tv shows (Riverdale, shameless, Euphoria, etc) movies (Harry Potter, city of bones, etc), or even our own made up world...
  3. BlueBird

    Paw to Paw (Yukiyo)

    Lena sat at the bar in the club slightly drunk as she ordered another shot of tequila.
  4. BlueBird

    Fantasy RP Make a Wish (Knight)

    “Mel, I dare you to go summon a demon that grants wishes.” Amelia blinked in confusion for a while, “That’s genie not a demon Chloe.” Chloe shook her head, “Nope, I’ve read a book that a demon can grant certain wishes it might be even better than a genie.” Amelia sighed, “Fine, What do I have to...
  5. Maxolotl

    RP Hunt Possible Roleplay, anyone?

    I’m relatively new here, and I wanna get a hang of the ropes while Also enjoying myself in this RP place! My most desirable RP idea at the moment would be Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, or maybe all three! I would play my self-insert, a shy boy with psychic powers named Max. I would need a...
  6. F

    RP Hunt New rper with good story

    Hi all, i’m looking for someone to rp with me i’ve got a great GXG secret vampire best friend rp story and would love to share with a fellow lesbian like myself 🙂
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