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RP Hunt ♜ Kasumi's Search For Partners ♚ [0 Idea(s) Up! | Updated 02/27/24]


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Dec 11, 2023
» Current cravings are here at the top. Continue reading to see if we're compatible. If we are, and you're into any of my plots, or want to suggest your own, PM me! (I edit this top part, a LOT.)

Current Status/Currently Craving: (02/27/24) No ideas at the moment. Hit me up?

mini health/craving update: (02/27/24) Apologies for any slowness! I was in the hospital last month. I'm fine, but I've been dealing with annoying side effects from medication and my muse vanishing. My muse is back, for the most part. It seems to randomly come and go. I appreciate my partner's patience! Future partners, please keep this in mind if you want to roleplay with me~ I'm not sure how long the weirdness of my muse will last.


Call me Kasumi! I'm 31 and in NY making my time zone EST (eastern standard time). I've been roleplaying for about 20+ years. I enjoy some safe, PG-13 roleplays to the dark, violent, smutty, 'Fuck me hard, cut me up, carve your name into my skin," etc roleplays. Please PM me if you want to do a roleplay! Do not post here, thank you!

» I'm a literate roleplayer, typing multiple paragraphs per post.
» I do not roleplay fandoms. perhaps only OCs in a fandom world.
» I adapt in my writing, often matching my partner's posts. I often get carried away and end up with a novel.
» trust me, I don't mind what my partner posts. just, no one-liners. I simply cannot get anything off of "He smiled at him." every other post.
» also, no first-person perspective. please, third person! past tense as well.
» I only roleplay in threads and possibly PMs, if that is your preference. no taking things to discord/skype, etc.
» however, we can chat on discord. just no RPing. I LOVE chatting and plotting through discord. (not a requirement!)
» I am learning how google docs works. if you absolutely have to play offsite, let me know. you have to, otherwise, I will make a thread on the forum by default.
» mistakes and typos happen, I totally understand. no worries! of course, dialogue-heavy scenes really don't require a ton of detail.
» I do everything from yaoi (mxm) to hetero (mxf) and sometimes even yuri (fxf). this plot thread will be for all three.

» for hetero/mxf: I prefer playing the girl. she will always bottom. she can get on top and ride your guy. but I will not throw a strap-on on her and start going to town. no thank you~.
» for yaoi/mxm: I have a preference for playing bottoms/ukes. my characters are dominant bottoms/power bottoms, I should add. in certain roleplays, I can play the "Master" in a more so innocent perspective. I have had a character "own" a cat boy as well as I love Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji esque roleplays where I play the (bottom/uke) "Master" to a (top/seme) demon butler. that is as far as I will go with those roles.
» for yuri/fxf: for yuri you typically have to switch, so our girls can switch during sex when need be. otherwise, my girls are mainly submissive.

» I tend to reuse characters and plots (A LOT). don't mind me, I'm just clingy to my babies and plots. I LOVE to torment them.
» I understand busy schedules and holidays coming up when they do. school exams, family, general emergencies, etc. if you need to disappear, go ahead!
» I think the new term everyone is using is "ghost friendly." honestly, yeah. I don't mind. I've had a horrible habit myself of ghosting, but I am trying to be better.
» just because I'm ghost friendly, doesn't mean my partner is. so, I will definitely try to give a heads up if something's going on. if not, check this thread for my status. if that isn't updated, you can definitely message me!
» I don't mind starting another roleplay with the same person right away or perhaps later on in the future. same characters and all
» I can wait a while between replies. I've had to wait months at a time in the past. if you disappear for a while I will patiently wait for your return. I will not end the roleplay. when you return you can post as if nothing ever happened, no need to message me asking if I’m still interested. I will do the same. if you do not plan on posting, then that is that
» I can also post multiple times during the day if we are both available.
» I really appreciate the reaction to my thread! thank you! :3 however, I have no idea if you’re reacting because you want to roleplay with me or simply showing appreciation. please message me to roleplay~!

✕ I want to add I have fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, among other health issues. When it gets bad I can end up disappearing for a little while. From hours to perhaps a few days. If I know it will be a bad day, or if something just happens and I know I will not be on, please check for my status! ✕

Pairings I typically do under spoiler
(Bold is who I'll be playing - all characters are 18+!!!)
Master / Dominant x Slave / Pet / Submissive
x Commoner
Father x Son
Older brother x Younger Brother
Teacher x Student
x Resident
Blind Male x Shop Customer / Other
Blind Male x Caretaker / Robotic Caretaker
Pickpocket / Thief x Cop / Shop Owner / Other
Prostitute x Client (Either!)
Kidnapper / Serial Killer / Assassin x Victim
Doctor / Psychiatrist / Therapist x Patient
Vampire x Prince / Human
Demon x Prince / Human
Elf x Prince
Model / Idol / Singer
x Manager / Staff / Fan

Fleshed Out Plots
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