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RP Hunt Looking for a long-term rp partner!

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Jul 9, 2024
Hello! I'm looking for someone interested in doing a male x male roleplay (though I might be willing to do mxf or any other ones, depending on the plot, most likely with me doing the male). I'm craving a roleplay with smut, violence, romance, and a plot where our ocs relationship can develop deeply.

I don't want smut to be the main focus of the plot, but I do want it to be included. I'm mostly looking to do either a fantasy or modern plot. I don't mind rping in dms or on the forums. I would be okay with rping in Discord too. I also really wanna do a rp as Sanzu from Tokyo Revengers lol. Or a Yona of the Dawn rp where we rp as the dragons.

—I love original rps! And I don't mind doing fandom ones too! Though I almost exclusively do cannon x cannon for fandom rps.

— I do 3rd person present tense, and I expect for my partner to rp in 3rd person too. I would like at least 3 paragraphs each reply, unless we talk about it or it's a scene where it's hard to write that much. I don't mind if you make grammar mistakes, but I prefer decent grammar.

— I usually don't mind doubling up, but right now, I don't have the energy to. We could possibly talk about doing this in the future. However, I am fine with adding in NPC's.

— I may take anywhere from a couple minutes to weeks to reply. If you need me to tell you when it may take awhile, please let me know.

— Communication is important to me. So if you don't like something or want to do something else in the rp, please let me know! Feel free to ghost me if we don't vibe, but I do tend to ask if my rp partner is still interested a week later after no reply when setting up the rp. Also, I don't mind if you take months to reply. Though I will assume you've ghosted me unless told.

— My ocs are always switches. I don't mind playing dominant or submissive roles in certain scenes. Or dom x dom, sub x sub, or even not bothering with those dynamics. However, I will not roleplay with someone who wants me to dom all the time. It's not fun for me.

— Consent is always a must between characters if sexual scenes come up, unless we agree to something else before hand (dub-con). But I'm not interested in doing non-con period.

— I tend to make feminine male characters, ranging from having feminine attributes to looking entirely feminine. I don't care if you make your character feminine also, or want to make them masculine. Do what you want.

— I will not rp with furry characters.

— All characters must be 18+.

— On fandom rps, I don't mind if your interpretation is ooc or whatever. It's been a long time since I've rped fandoms, and some characters I've never done yet, so I may get things wrong as well. To note, I don't have love interests. I have characters I really wanna rp and don't mind throwing them in with your chosen one and seeing how they mesh. Although if you want me to rp a certain character, I'll likely do it as long as it's one of those listed in the fandoms tab.

Names in reds are characters I'm dying to rp, purple is characters I'm dying to rp a little less but want to, and stars are fandoms I really want to rp as well. Ask for more fandom's—I also do kpop ones!

⭐ Tokyo Revengers : Sanzu, Baji, Kazutora, Chifuyu, Ran, Rindo, Koko

⭐ The Grand Master of Demonic Cultivation : I can rp Lan Zhan, Wei Ying, Nie Nuaisang, Xue Yang, Meng Yao

⭐ Heaven Official's Blessing : Qi Rong, Ming Yi

⭐ Yona of The Dawn : Zeno, Kija, Jaeha (i don't mind doubling up for the dragons)

— Word of Honor : Wen Kexing

— Bungo Stray Dogs : Akutagawa, Chuuya

— The Case Study of Vanitas : Vanitas, Noe

If you ask to do an oc x cannon I'm likely to say no, unless it's for Tokyo Revengers.

Smut Candies: Choking, vibrators, prostate massage, milking, overstimulation, praise, orgasm delay/denial, counter sex, multiple orgasms, hand-jobs, nipple-play, forced orgasms, cock slapping, emotional sex, crying, frottage, clothed sex, piss (ask for specifics)

Interested In Trying: Knife play, degradation, blood play

Smut Limits: Non-con, medical obesity, spitting (ask for specifics), vore, ocs being straight up physically dirty (ask for specifics)

If you have any other smut ideas/wants in mind, just ask!

I'm honestly a little empty headed on plot ideas right now. If you have a couple, let me know! Assume most plots are in medieval settings unless discussed otherwise lol. Also, these could be used for the fandoms, but I would want to shift them to match the world more. Stars are plots I'm most interested in.

⭐ Grumpy Plague Doctor (my oc) x sick patient go on a journey to try to find a cure for patients illness.

— Bounty hunter x criminal

— At an isolated academy for forbidden knowledge and dark arts, two prodigies compete for recognition and power. As they unravel the academy's mysteries and confront their own ambitions. Jealousy and romance spark up between them.
— Vampires are treated like Gods by humans. However, there's many people who silently dislike this way of things. Therefore, Muse A infiltrates Muse B's home, the vampire and a noble, to kidnap Muse B and use them as bait to help change the way of things (I prefer the role of the vampire, we could both be vampires though lol).

⭐ Two fictional kpop idols in the same group have their own struggles, ranging from mental health problems to etc. Amongst all of that, they begin to have feelings for each other, not only putting themselves on the line, but their group.

⭐ Two rival mafia members are framed and must come together to clear their name, lest they get hunted down and killed.

— Muse A and Muse B are in love with the same person. But with their rivalry, they eventually begin to fall for each other instead.

— Muse A and B escape from jail and are now on the run together.

⭐ Muse A summons a God to help defend their kingdom, Muse B. But Muse B isn't very keen on listening to Muse A (I would prefer to be Muse B lolol).

— Muse A and Muse B absolutely despise each other, but they are bound together until they die unless they eventually fall in love with one another.

— Muse A is dying of an illness. That doesn't stop them from going on one last trip with Muse B before they die.

— An actor and a noble fall in love

⭐ Muse A is a half human half vampire who's genetics got messed up, which makes them need to get bitten by a vampire occasionally so they don't die. Muse B is a vampire in dire need of blood.

— Muse A and B have abusive partners, but are secretly cheating on them with each other for whatever reason.

⭐ Two friends escape their hometown for {reason}. But their relationship is extremely toxic, blurring the lines of friendship. While Muse A is extremely obsessed with Muse B, Muse B has problems of their own that makes it hard for them to leave Muse A.

⭐ Muse A is a demon that has been stalking Muse B obsessively (I would prefer to be Muse A).

— Muse A and Muse B have a long history of being violent towards each other. They purposely hurt each other, yet keep finding themselves back with the other again.

⭐ Muse A is a God who is borderline evil. Muse B will nearly do anything for them (could slow burn to Muse B becoming that loyal, also I would prefer Muse A lmaoo)

— Muse A had gotten close to Muse B, manipulating Muse B into falling for them just so they could sacrifice Muse B, as Muse A had to fall in love with someone for their ritual to work. When the time comes to kill Muse B, they didn't account for the fact that Muse B already knows, and is in fact, into that (besides the actual dying part). This leads to Muse A continuously trying to kill Muse B while Muse B evades it yet stays out of love (Possible adventurer group with the muses so Muse A can't auto kill Muse B as it wouldn't be a smart decision lol).

— Two lovers will do anything to stay together. Even if it means killing others.

If you want to rp with me, please shoot me message telling me if you're interested in one of my plots, or what you would like to do in general. Do not reply here! Thanks!
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