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RP Hunt RP Partners Wanted (Temporarily Open)


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Nov 10, 2022
Hey ya'll, I'm making a new thread in this section, bc my old one is irrelevant right now and I'd like to make it known that I am currently looking for anyone to RP with. If you are interested in one of the rp ideas down below, don't hesitate to PM me. Now, you may think It's typically first come, first serve basis - but I am open to the idea of AUs. So, if someone else snagged an idea already with me and you wanted that one, don't fret! We can always make an AU of that thread and I usually start both threads out the same way, just with different names for my character. I love exploring different scenarios for the same plot idea that I had~! So I am really flexible in that regard.

Below I will list some of the pairings in threads I've rp'ed before, and I will let you know what I am comfortable with and what I am not~

Fantasy: i.e. Dragons, Elves, Witches/Warlocks, Knights, Princesses, Princes, Kings and Queens / Sirens / Mermaids - Pirates (And to mention now playing BG3 I am open to the ideas of Tieflings~! )
  • Dragon (they have a human form) x Queen/King || Witch x King / Warlock x Queen || Knight x Princess / Knight x Prince || Elven King / Queen / Princess / Prince x Knight / Warlock / Witch - fine with any gender
  • Mermaid/Siren x Pirate - fine with any gender
  • Also open to the above mentioned with a servant / slave too!
Supernatural (fantasy subcatagory): Mainly Vampires, Witches - sometimes Werewolves. (Obviously these fall underneath Fantasy but these are just specifics.
  • Vampire x Werewolf || Vampire x Vampire || Vampire x Hybrid || Vampire x Witch || Vampire x Human - fine with any gender
  • Werewolf x Witch || Werewolf x Hybrid - fine with any gender
I play a lot of servant roles / trusted advisor/ friend of Vampire (mostly human/werewolf) I have played vampires before, but it always tended to be a Princess/ Lady/ Queen of sorts

Where some of my ideas stem from for these particular threads: The movie trilogy Underworld, Vampire Diaries- any dark fantasy movie that has werewolves, witches and vampires (not Twilight XP) Warriorcats (I mention Moonpools a lot) and my own brain ;3

No specific pairings really, but settings I’ve rp’ed before (and are open to) would be:
  • College || Work - fine with any gender
  • I usually don’t rp in this category but if you have an idea for a thread in this section don’t hesitate to PM and pitch!

Animal: I fancy a lot of wolves, big cat breeds for these type of things. I have rp’ed horses before and wouldn’t mind doing again. (These do not include my furries/anthros/nekos) - fine with any gender

Anime: I like to rp nekos, any furry- if we’re talking about specific anime shows, some pairings/shows I’ve done/want to do are listed down below
  • Fairytail
    • Natsu x Lucy - Prefer to rp Lucy
    • Gray x Juvia - Prefer to rp Gray
    • Gajeel x Levy (rp’ed) Preferred to rp Levy
    • OC x OC (rp’ed) - fine with any gender
  • Inuyasha
    • Rin x Sesshomaru (rp’ed) Usually preferred rp'ing Rin
  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
    • Rin x Haraku | Haraku x Makoto - I'd prefer to RP Haraku on both
  • Dororo- Dororo x Hyakkimaru
    - Specifically when Dororo is seen grown up and going on new adventures with Hyakkimaru at the end of the anime series.
    - Prefer to rp Dororo

  • Legend of Zelda
    • Specifically Ganondorf x Zelda - like an arranged marriage of sorts for the good of Hyrule - Prefer to rp Zelda
    • Link x Malon (OOT thread, and specifically in the timeline of where he would go to be the Hero's Shade) I'd like to think he comes back from Termina in MM to Hyrule and grows up (said to be direct ancestor of Twilight, which means OOT got laid) - Prefer to rp Link
    • Link x Zelda (classic knight x princess trope) - Prefer to rp Link
    • A thread with all three, which go on a quest to find the pieces of the triforce, and Ganondorf struggles with his destiny of becoming evil with the triforce of power. Let's say Gerudos and Hylians grew up in peace, Ganondorf was born, meets princess Z at young age (prince x princess?) Link gets introduced as Z's personal knight / bodyguard, and well, the three of them hit it off (I'm assuming Riju becomes Ganondorf's for context) anyways there's that prophecy that they're destined to fight and whatnot and Ganondorf will turn into Ganon (his beast form) and take over hyrule. So they go to search for the broken pieces of the triforce (it was broken like in WW) to prevent this fate/destiny but Zeldy is convinced that maybe the triforce is their answer (she is the reincarnation of the goddess Hylia) and I guess we go from there. - I'm fine with rp'ing Ganondorf or Link (or both)
  • Resident Evil
    • Leon x Ada Wong OR Leon x Ashley - Prefer to rp Leon with Ada, and then Ashley with Leon
      • About plots / storyline we'll follow, this is specifically following the Res Ev 4 storyline that just got re-released/remade. *Note: I do not know much about this universe, I have not really seen the movies, only the games.
  • BG3
    • My OC M x Astarion (but I have yet to finish the game, so this is like on the backburner for now)

  • Star Wars
    • Ben Solo (Kylo) x Rey -- I definitely love the idea of giving Ben Solo a better ending then what he got- him and Rey deserve a happy ending! I'm happy to take the plot anywhere, most likely after escaping the planet and going to a corner of space far away (Maybe Ben was injured too, and after healing Rey it exhausted him and she took the falcon and went somewhere so that they could recover?) - Prefer to rp Ben

  • Dystopian, Detroit become human type of RP (already have one in the works) love the theory of androids and giving them human emotions - fine with any gender
  • Anything space related, maybe some type of alien x human relationship. - fine with any gender
  • Haven't really though too much for this section either so again don't hesitate to shoot me a PM with your ideas!
Okay. So. After that long winded post, I'll be real with ya, do I have dedicated plots/ideas for most of these? No. But, if you're interested in an idea (that I didn't really lay out in what I was thinking of) That's when we can plot / think / figure out what kind of thread from that idea we want to do. Now. For the actual thread / my posting habits -- I usually just bounce off the posts from my RP partner. I don't really go in with a 'set' plot or end goal of what is supposed to happen to our characters. Think of it as improv. I don't mind plotting and figuring out a set story for the rp we're doing (like generality of the story, characters (what are their roles, do our characters know each other etc. - if there's any problems, who's the antagonist / going to be--) but just to be 100% transparent for the reader - I usually don't plot, I 'bounce'. I know my rp style may be chaotic and crazy, but hey, that's what makes it exciting imo.

For my posts / posting expectations:
  • Obviously no one liners for the majority of the thread, but once in a while if you feel like the rp is waning and you've run out of ideas to type, don't hesitate to PM me and we can figure out directly on how to keep the rp up and running, step away from it for a bit, or go to another rp idea entirely. I usually just continue with the flow and do a time skip for the rps, but I will mention that to you to make sure we're on the same brainwave.
  • Please, I would like it if you are a semi-advanced writer, with somewhat good grammar. I can overlook spelling mistakes but not every word in the response.
  • I write in 3rd person a lot, but I am open to 1st person pov's.
  • I can, and have posted multiple times in the same day to an rp. But now I work, I have more duties- and well, it sucks. If I could go back to when I was younger with more free time I would. Either way, if you post, I typically will try to post right then after. My time zone is usually behind everyone's (think 3+) but I do try to rp while you're on to accommodate that. And please, I beg of you, if I forget to reply to an rp, please nudge me, poke me, DM on Discord or something! I work on the site whenever possible and sometimes my admin duties get in the way of my rps, so I don't mind a friendly nudge here and there. I understand life gets in the way but if it's more than two weeks, please message me! (I'd do the same for you)
  • I don't really rp on discord, nor in pms. Sorry!
So that includes everything, I think. I think in this moment in time nothing has to be changed.

Again, if you're interested please pm me! Do not post directly to this thread, this thread is to be meant for my updates / new ideas to pitch and whatnot.

Thank you!!

~Craze~ aka FaeWhisperer
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