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  1. Midnight Wishes

    Original Wishes - Original Character Thread

    You must be registered to see element A thread to keep track of and store my character creations. List of OCs (WIP) Eliza Corrotti | Verse: Black Clover (TBP) Seraphina Corrotti | Verse: Black Clover (TBP) Svetlana | Verse: Rise of the Guardians (TBP)
  2. Midnight Wishes

    RP Hunt Roleplay Wishes | 1 x 1 Requests

    ... Welcome to my request thread, stranger... You must be registered to see element Please PM me if you are interested and/or have questions. Please DO NOT comment below. Thank you.~ A Little Bit About Me Feel free to call me Midnight or Wishes. Any pronouns will do. Considering that I've...
  3. W

    Game RP Resident Evil: Nemesis Rising with Writenex and Weskerswife

    The year was 1997, and Leon had been preparing to be an officer of the law. One more year left, he graduates from the academy. Right now, Leon is twenty years old, and his only focus is passing through the academy with flying colors. His boss had been easygoing, thankfully, and didn't give Leon...
  4. W

    Writenex's Characters

    You must be registered to see element Name: Adam Alexander Anderson Sexual Orientation: Straight Gender: Male Species: Human Date Of Birth: October 31, 1987 Homeworld: Born on Earth colony K-2L after it's destruction he and his father was relocated to a new Earth. Universe Adam Lives In...
  5. W

    RP Hunt Fandom & Originals (M & F)

    Hi everyone! I'm a male fiction and non fiction writer. I've been roleplaying for decades on and off; I'm pretty literate, and I can write multiple paragraphs. I normally go for three or five. Let me know your preferred limit, if you have one. I sometimes try to mirror my partner as well. Also...
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