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Game RP Resident Evil: Nemesis Rising with Writenex and Weskerswife



The year was 1997, and Leon had been preparing to be an officer of the law. One more year left, he graduates from the academy. Right now, Leon is twenty years old, and his only focus is passing through the academy with flying colors. His boss had been easygoing, thankfully, and didn't give Leon a hard time. Back at his apartment building, Leon was drinking a cup of orange juice for breakfast. He had eggs as well because he needed food in his stomach if he was going to go back to the academy today. Leon was on his way to the academy. His bag in the backseat had his police uniform inside. When he arrived, Leon was met with sarcasm by his peer: "You're so early this time." John teased. "What can I say? I'm always fashionably early." He told him before his boss walked into the room and scanned the area. "Good morning, rookies in training. Today we're going to go over target practice for an hour. So far, our best shooters are Leon and John. I need better men and women with firepower. You won't pass without a good aim. I'll let you know that now."
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