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  1. Carina☆Starlight

    RP Hunt Titania's Fate

    Hello! Thank you for reading my thread. Just call me Carina should this thread find you well. Firstly I only play as black characters, mostly black women. Not applied to Doubling up. Just my personal preference and who I am. I mostly do MxF pairings, I am open to FxF. I will also say I am an AI...
  2. Kara Halfdan

    RP Hunt Hell Bent for Leather (Fxf)

    First off I'm a Lesbian, lets get that out of the way, and I'm only looking to RPing with other women, sorry guys, don't mind chatting with you though. Anyway back to what I'm looking for I'm looking for an Fxf RP that allows me to explore my more submissive side where my character can enter...
  3. darksphinxpuzzler

    Breaking Alice (DarksphinxPuzzler and BoundPrincess)

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