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Breaking Alice (DarksphinxPuzzler and BoundPrincess)

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11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
Fucking idiots....when are they gonna learn that it's worth it to invest on security?

The two men crouched behind bushes, snuffing out their cigarettes when the bedroom light finally went out. Tonight's sale was one girl short and time was of the essence. They took the bag loaded with supplies and easily picked the lock on the back door of the apartment....at least one other thing was in their favor, it was on the ground floor.

THey crept through the darkened apartment like a pair of tigers stalking their prey. They got to the bedroom and peered through the open doorway....their prey was sound asleep.
Everything was well rehearsed.....one quickly put a hand over the girl's mouth, waking and silencing her....while he held her down, the other took a knife and sliced the girl's clothes to shreds. Nothing aroused them more than a struggling captive and this one was no exception.

A ballgag was taken from the bag and stuffed in her mouth, followed by two layers of duct tape.....they had to keep her quiet for fear of waking up neighbors.
She was flipped over on her belly, hands tied behind her and ankles tightly bound. As she struggled, one of the men started to thrust a fat finger between her bound thighs and into her ass.

"Leave her alone," the other hissed...."can't have damaged merchandise...."
While one grabbed her by the shoulders, the other by her feet, they carried the bound gagged naked and struggling victim out the back door and into the van.

The room was noisy with the sound of gagged bound and nude women....the abandoned warehouse was perfect for tonight's slave auction....they moved from one location to another to prevent law enforcement from discovering the kidnapped girls.

Alice was on the far left. Her arms were up over her head, wrists tied to the ceiling hook. She, like the others, had a metal spreader bar locked to her ankles, putting her vagina and ass on full display.

Well dressed men and women began filing in, taking the seats not more than a couple hundred yards from the line up of kidnapped girls.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen," a tall slim man said..."Welcome to tonight's slave auction..."
Alice had been getting ready for bed that evening. Brushing her long Blonde hair, brushing her hair and teeth, and ending another night alone. She sighed a little, looking up at the ceiling. She was so focused in on her own work and trying to get her business off the ground, to try to stop just being a nobody that she suffered socially. She rolled on her side as she was drifting and held her arm out. What she wouldn't give for a partner, someone who would have time for her, who would spoil her rotten. She closed her eyes, and rolled onto her back as her mind wandered.

Maybe even someone to tie her up...bind her, gag her...make her lick her own juices off of a dildo that freshly just fucked her. She would often have these dreams, these flights of fancy as her hand slinked down between her thighs and clipped around her clit. She rubbed and held her breath, stretching her back out as she started to push and writhe just taking herself to her favourite dream domme. Little did she know how her fantasies were about to rudely become a reality. She drifted off, a few used tissues in the bin beside her bed, a little clear cum still left on her thigh from a spot she missed, and the faint smell of sexual pleasure off of her while she slumbered.

She was slow to start when she was grabbed, but suddenly the gag being thrust into her mouth, and the feeling of several pairs of hands on her brought her out of her sleep and straight into a sudden surprised panic. She bit on the rubber of the gag as she squirmed and tried to pull away, or even see her assailants in the dark, but it was pulled tight and her hands and legs were being trapped by the weight of one of these thugs. She had her hands pulled and bound, the gag tightened around her cheeks and the additional tape over the top keeping it firmly in place, making her muffled screams of desperation and help nothing more than a peep, while they worked on her legs. She struggled hard, sweat beading on her brow as she shook her head about and tried to break free.

She squealed hard feeling the fat finger start to grab her bare ass and press in before the other one told him to stop. What was happening!? It was all so fast, and suddenly she was just being lifted easily to a van, as she struggled, naked in the darkness. The chill of the outside on her skin was shocking, and she felt like so much adrenaline was coursing through her veins. The woman was packed away, driven to a strange location, and then lined up, like she was a bit of hanging meat, alongside some other girls who were similarly bound.

She looked all around, trying to break free, and even trying to kick out when she was having her legs transferred into a spreader bar, but it was no use, the people handling her were overpowering her in strength, and just like that she was suddenly in this strange facility as well dressed people all moved in.

She panted hard, looking at the other girls. Some of them seemed out of it, dazed even, or drugged. A couple others were seemingly resigned to their fate, as though this wasn't their first rodeo. In fact it seemed like she was the only one out of them that seemed to be alarmed and panicked. She struggled more and tried to unhook herself, the flood of humiliation and fear through her just mixing up inside like a ball. She had no idea where she was, who these people were, but it was all so clear when the auctioneer arrived at the podium.

She felt her heart sink. "Slave Auction." It echoed in her head over and over, this couldn't be happening. This had to be a joke, or one of those elaborate shows right..? Not that she had anyone close enough to her to pull something like this...then...a dream? It had to be a dream? She still felt the lingering invasion from earlier, and recalled the way that one of those thugs had called her 'Merchandise.' Her panic ridden eyes looked out over the people sitting in the chairs as though begging them for help, feeling helpless and vulnerable with her curvaceous body on display like this. She looked plumper than the other girls around her, a little older too, but in a more filled out way. She had been keeping herself fit and healthy, and had just a little bit more muscle and fat compared to them. It was a subtle difference, but those with a keen eye would see.
Local Time:
11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
Some college fraternities and social groups occasionally held what they called slave auctions but they were fund raisers, the girls up for 'sale' as part of the fun. The so-called captives would spend a few hours, matbe a day with the highest bidder and the end result was usually dinner.

But this was all to horrifyingly real.

An asian, a brunette, a black woman and a girl with red and black hair were all lined up, some struggling more than others, all hung on display the same way. The asian was trying to kick the spreader bar free from her ankles but the padlocks prevented it....finally she gave up. Others, quickly discovering their fate simply hung motionless and closed their eyes, not wanting to see the audience gazing at her naked body.

a cute topless girl walked up and down the aisls of the bidders offering them drinks as the auctioneer spoke.
"The first one up for sale," he beganm "Is this delicious little morsel...."

A LED pin light shown above the head of the brunette.
"She's 25, recently captured while jogging....as you can see, she's got a well toned body, perfect for long periods of fucking....her ass is firm and her pussy is shaved with nice full cunt lips.....she has an excellent set of tits with only slight sag....bidding starts at $10,000...."

A male bidder wanted a closeup of her vagina. A masked man wearing only a pair of black speedos came up to the stage with a pole in hand. He pushed it in the girl's pussy and moved it around to display the pinkness inside, all the while she moaned loudly and struggled.
$23,000 later, she was sold to a well dressed black man. The girl was released from the ceiling and forced to do a humiliating bunny hop with legs bound off the stage and out through a side door escorted by the masked man.

One by one the girls were bid on. A oin light shown over their heads, bathing them in a soft amber glow while the auctioneer described their bodies in embarrassing detail. Sometimes a captive looked too passive so a bidder wanted to see them struggle....the man in speedos was too happy to oblige, taking a dildo mounted on the pole and thrusting it up their asses, the spreader bar keeping their intimate spots open.

Finally it was Alice's turn.
"Last but not least,": the auctioneer said, "We have an adorable blonde beauty....just a few years older than some of the girls here tonight but to be honest, this one has a better body, well toned with gorgeous tits....as you can see, she still has a little fire....we love it when they struggle, don't we?"

Cassandra gazed at the blonde. Yes, this one will do nicely. Without waiting for the bidding to begin, she raised her numbered paddle.
"$50,000!," she called out....the rest of the bidders groaned. They all knew the raven haired woman. Cassandra always made the winning bids.

The auction over, Alice was taken on one end of a temporary rope leash around her neck and forced to bunny hop out the door after the bar was unlocked from her ankles.....as soon as they were sold, their feet were bound to prevent them from escaping.
Hands bound behind them, ankles tied, their leashes secured to swinging hooks on the wall, the captives were forced to stand next to each other,,,all still gagged awaiting their fate.

Cassandra came into the room and gazed at her new purchase.
Fit her with a #3 plug," she said, "then have her follow me..."
A man nodded then came back with a solid black rubber object shaped like a spade. He took it and pushed and wiggled it in Alice's tight asshole, working it in until he felt it pass through and into her rectum. He released the leash from the wall and again forced her to hop to a waiting limo. She was put in the back and they sped off.

Cassandra smiled, looking over at the nude gagged and bound beauty. Finally she removed the gag.
"No one's gonna hear you," she warned...."and if you curse at me I won't hesitate whipping you right here and now....understand, slave? you will address me only as Mistress Cassandra or simply Mistress. Your'e nothing but owned property now, your previous life is gone. You have but one chore, and that is to please me. You will be my new bed slut, my fuck toy.....your'e other duties will be explained later but tonight you will......well, you'll see...."

The limo drove on until it took a turn off the main road and up a long winding road, finally stopping at a large iron gate. The gate swung open and the limo continued, stopping at the front of a multi story mansion.
They were greeted by a ravishing looking redhead in a maids outfit, the skirt so short the half moons of her ass was exposed....and no panties.

"Take my new slave," she said, handing the girl the leash...."take her upstairs, clean her and help her into her uniform. Bring her to me when ready...."

"Yes Mistress," the redhead replied....she untied Alice's feet, keeping her hands bound behind her. She was led upstairs to a bathroomn larger than most bedrooms. She was taken to a bathrub already filled with warm water. The redhead helped her into the tub and began lathering a spong with scented body wash.

"So," she said as she bathed the new girl...."Your'e Mistress's new bed slave.....she has good taste. My name's April and I'm her domestic slave...I envy you. All you gonna do is get laid or eat our Mistress....some of us have to work here...."
Local Time:
11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
The whole course of events was humiliating. Hanging there next to the other girls as they were auctioned off, it almost went like a blur. Her mind was trying to wake up, pretend this wasn't real, trying to blot out every poisonous word that slipped out of these degenerate people's mouths. The main thing that stuck in her head was the image of the fellow girls that she was hung up alongside, struggling, giving in, and looking just as humiliated as they were poked, prodded and sold off like high grade cattle at a Farmers market. When the Amber light above her head bathed her in it's glow, she squirmed and tried to look away. That horrid viper of an auctioneer started to talk about her body, and she could see the assistants moving over to her, dildos and silver bars in hand. Before they could do anything however, a Woman stood up and made the biggest bid of the night. Everyone groaned, and didn't even bother challenging her. She blushed out, it happened so fast, and all of a sudden her legs were being unclipped and pulled together by some beef cake. She tried to kick and push when her legs were freed, struggling as much as she could, but his muscular arms easily cinched her legs shut to be tied together. They looped her up tight, and strung her neck. To the bidders, this was a leash, but to her it may as well have been a noose.

She hopped when she was pulled, the only thing to stop herself from falling over as she was ushered off to go be hooked up with the other girls. She looked with sorrowful empathetic eyes to her fellow captives, some of them getting handled. Her buyer came over and spoke to one of the assistants, who then approached Alice with a plug. She hopped uselessly to the end of her leash and tried her best to get away but it was no use, he grabbed her by the hips, and bent her over, keeping her hanging taught on the rope while he lubed up her asshole with a gloved finger and then inserted the plug until it was sucked in with the pressure of her tight asshole. She squirmed, moaned and whined under her triple gag, shaking her head and complaining a lot as her butt was filled.

Then, once again she was lead along, forced to hop until she was taken outside, something she tugged at her leash and attempted to refuse, causing her to almost fall down. She was caught by another assistant "Don't scuff yourself up. You were just bought" They said before giving her a tap on her ass to send her along her way, the other leading her along giving her a tug on her leash until she reached the limo and was forced inside. She sat opposite this strange, though undeniably attractive woman who had just purchased her for such a high price. Each hop she made now with the butt plug in just drew her attention to it more and more. She blushed deeper still as she tried to get over the strange new sensations

She tried to squirm and hide her body a little bit, and looked away when she moved her hand up to her head, not realising she was taking her gag off. She gasped and flinched as the tape was taken from her cheeks, and the gag loosened, dropping around her neck, hanging there like a trophy, or a reminder. She looked at this woman. Cassandra...She heeded her warning, and had no idea where she was. She wanted nothing more than to just cover herself up or run, but her ties were tight. Her 'Mistress' as she had called herself so egotistically explained what she intended to do to Alice. Her cheeks went rosy as she blushed. "I will get out of here..and you and that sick organisation will crumble.." she muttered in response, glaring at this woman, trying to act like she was unafraid of her situation, though the blush was detracting from how fierce she wanted to come off.

Once the drive was over she was pulled out of the limo and handed to another strange woman, this one was clearly slutted up and again wearing some demeaning humiliating maid outfit that barely counted as a belt let alone a skirt. This girl finally loosed Alice's feet, and once she had those free, she pulled, and tugged and fought her way the entire way up. It was frustrating that everyone seemed to be able to over power her as she struggled, her hands still locked behind her back, but she wasn't going to give up without a fight, even if she was literally butt naked in the middle of who knows where. The more she pulled, the redder her neck got, but again, with a little help from some of Mistress Cassandra's other helpers she was ushered in and pulled up to the bathroom, where the door was locked. She spent the time trying to pull to get away like a puppy, not yet leash trained. Eventually, with a little splashing of water, she was pulled into the bath and hooked with her hand ties to a fancy golden loop that was affixed to the inside of the rim. She had to sit there and just get bathed, by this strange woman, who was not treating her with an ounce of dignity.

"How? How on Earth can you tolerate this!? I need to go, I was taken in the middle of the night, this is immoral, please, you have to have an ounce of sympathy, help me out, I'm begging you, whatever this Woman has on you, I can help you get even, get free..we just...please there has to be something we can do to get away." she said, her voice laced with desperation, as though April would even care, or honestly, even want to leave the employ of her Mistress.
Local Time:
11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
April shook her head as she took the shampoo and did the slave's hair.
"God," she said..."I can tell already, your'e gonna be just like the rest.....why can't you just accept the facts?...you been bought in an auction, your body is going to be used in ways you can't imagine and there's no escape....the windows are double thickness and unbreakable. The only way out is through one of the doors and.....well, I'll explain that to you right now...."

Knowing the new slave was securely trapped in the tub, the maid left for a moment then returned with a pink leather collar....a dog collar. She secured it around her neck and clicked it shut....as she did, a tiny red LED light blinked in front.
"In case you haven't seen mine---she bent down to show the girl--we all have to wear one. It's wired so if you try to go out a door it will activate and electrocute you. It won't kill you but it will be painful enough to floor you....I'm sorry but I have no choice to put it on you...cameras are everywhere and if I didn't do it I would be punished."

The maid sponged down the girl's tits and belly, slowly working her way down...she wondered if the girl would try to stop her from cleaning her pussy.....

"I was kidnapped on my way home from work 3 years ago," she continued, "and I been with Mistress ever since...as you will...."

She continued bathing the girl then finished. Helping her out of the tub she took her to the toilet, giving her a chance to do her business. Her hair was dried then she was taken to a walk in closet next door....it was larger than some bedrooms, including lounge chairs and vanity tables.
"Your'e gonna be Mistress's bride tonight," she said, pulling out an ensemble. THere was white thigh highs with lace tops, a garterbelt, a breathtaking white lace bra and silver glittering heels.

"Put these on," the maid said...."I'll untie your hands but I warn you...your collar is wired and activated, Mistress is right next door so please...I beg you, please....don't try anything stupid....if you cooperate the night might not end up as bad as you think....you might even enjoy it..."
The way that April just spoke to her so candidly, and with almost a hint of boredom, as though this wasn't the first time she'd had to do something like this gave Alice the feeling like she'd taken drugs or something. This was clearly a bizzaro land that she'd entered, where the normal rules and laws of the land don't apply, clearly! She squirmed uselessly as she was sponged down, blushing and tucking her head down as she was sponged over the more sensative spots. She did try to stop the woman from cleaning her cunt, but she'd been handled so much today that she didn't feel like there was all too much use in even trying. Yet still she persisted, but eventually April won out and was able to clean her up. Cleaning around the buttplug was the strangest thing, she almost sat straight up to try and stop April from moving it around so much, shuddering as it was nudged and pressed with the sponge. "S..Stop, please, this is beyond humiliating, I just...I refuse to accept this, this can't be right..please.." she tried again, but again, April just told her that there was no use in even thinking about escaping.

She looked up as she moved to the other room and her eyes widened, locking onto the dog collar that this frilly maid was bringing over. "Oh no..no no, please...don't.." she struggled more, a little bathwater going over the rim, but once again, with her hands secured behind her she couldn't stop the slipping on of that pink leather. The click was loud too, and sounded like something locking. She shook her head, the strange new weight of it just drawing her minds eye to the fact that she was wearing one. She'd not noticed April's quite as well, but now she mentioned it, her's was a frillier dantier looking thing with a little light. The difference made her blush even harder that she ended up with one that looked like it was for a dog, not just some elaborate piece of an outfit, and bright pink too, so it was practically gleaming from her neck.

Her toes curled as she felt thoroughly humiliated, and listened to what April had to say about all of this, especially when she was taken to the toilet. There was no privacy, no sanctity, she was just being dolled up to be used like the rest of them here...

She was looking around the ceiling, and noticed that even here there was a camera looking at her, making her just squirm and feel awkward as she used it, only doing so out of sheer desperation. "I can't just accept something like this!!" she complained, shaking her head, but once again she was carted away, after having her pussy wiped up, again adding insult to injury as she was just handled like this. Surprisingly she was trimmed short and clearly maintained herself, despite not having a partner to even see it. Her cunt was so neat and symmetrical, and even soft, instead of wiry, implying she'd been using product on herself...

The words April spoke felt unreal, "Bride?! I'm not going to be anything of hers tonight..Please, I'm not wearing any of this!" she said, especially as her hands were untied. She grabbed April suddenly and shook her, as though she needed sense shaken into her, holding the girl by her dainty little dress. "April, this is total insanity, I'm not, I can't, I won't!" she started, not even knowing how to express the dread she felt at all of this.
Local Time:
11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
That was the worse mistake Alice could've made.
The closet, like every room in the house, was being watched on camera. Cassandra watched intently as April did her best to prevent the new slave from inflicting further pain on herself but in the end it did no good....the minute her hands were free she grabbed the maid.
Fine...if that's the way she wanted it....

Cassandra came into the room, taking the maid to the side.
"You may go now," she said in a cold tone. The maid did a curtsy and left....despite some morbid curiosity, she didn't want to see what was about to happen.

'I was going to treat you to a night of passion," she said...."But no....you thought you'd be foolish enough to be stubborn. Very well then..."

Cassandra took out her phone....in a minute, two men entered the room.
"They've been castrated," she explained, "but still retain their enormous strength...."
She motioned for them to pick her up by the shoulders, her feet off the floor. She led them down a hallway and into a room....it was empty except for a table and some kind of machinery in the ceiling.Alice was forced down on her back on the table, wrists and feet bound to the ends.

Cassandra pulled the two thin cables down from the ceiling, attached them to Japanese clover clamps and secured them to her nipples. These were painful enough but she wired the clamps so they would not come off.

"The winch in the ceiling is set to a timer," she explained...."Every 5 minutes the cables will retract into the ceiling, pulling your nipples up....I'll be watching....it will be quite painful....maybe next time you'll learn not to cross me..."

Cassandra turned on the winch then left the room. Just as she said, 5 minutes later the cables started going back up to the ceiling.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when Cassandra came into the room, taking a step back and letting go of Alice. "You!!" she started, when suddenly she felt Cassandra's eyes practically drilling into her. She tried to find the words, 100,000 things came to mind and nothing came out for a good moment as she spoke. "A night of passion??? I can't think of anything further from the truth! You Kidnapped me! I doubt there's a passionate bone in your body!!" she started, huffing as she covered her breasts and crossed her legs a little, that blush still there are she stared Cassandra down. It was almost as though she was fighting for dominance against this Woman, who so effortlessly just commanded those around her, putting Alice at a very clear disadvantage, literally stripped to nothing in front of her.

The Men didn't take long to get to the closet at all, and grabbed her with ease, despite her struggles as she backed up and tried to run. "Put me down!! I will get the Police..No the FBI on your ass!!" she tried, as they just walked her down the hallway to the room, putting her on the table and strapping her down easily. She pulled and tugged against the bindings as Cassandra came over to her prey, and pulled the cables down. "Stop that! I said Stop that!!" she tried demanding, but no matter what, the clamps were clipped in place and she had the winch explained to her. She gasped out and shuddered as they pinched into her and held on tight, causing her poor nipples to go red sore almost instantly. "Ahh F..Fuck!" she yelped, squirming about, though that soon slowed down naturally, as the more she jostled and moved, the more uncomfortable the damn plug and those clips became, the pain throbbing from her chest and her ass.

She settled and tensed herself up a little, glaring up at Cassandra. "Cross you, I'm going to make you pay for every last word you spill, you WITCH!" she cried out after her, pulling at her restraints.

And just as she said, 5 minutes passed, and the winch clicked a few times, pulling the cords on her nipples. She cried out at the sudden jolt of pain as her breasts throbbed and were now being held aloft slightly, her nipples swollen from the pinch. Her whole body trembled at the pain and the heat coming from her breasts, but worst of all is that since her nipples were so sensative, she couldn't hide that there was something something in her that was finding all of this erotic. She didn't notice it yet, but her pussy was soaked. The tender feeling of the pinching nipples, and the way the plug moved in her ass with her jostling was making her horny in a way she was stubbornly and desperatly trying to ignore. She wasn't a stranger to toys, or to pinching her nipples with clamps, but she'd never felt anything like this.

Sweat beaded on her brow as she panted and tried to squash those feelings down, but another five minutes passed, and click...click she yelped out again, the sweat launching off as she gasped out and arched her back the most she could from her restraints, having to hold herself up in order to get any sort of comfort as her poor sore nipples were tugged taller still. She panted now, even just after 10 minutes, she felt like she couldn't take any more of this pain, wanting more than anything for her nipples to be freed. She looked down at the clamps, seeing her breasts being tugged up in the air now, and assessed her situation properly, again getting a jolt of this strange horrific lust hitting her, making her blush out more and more. This was what she'd see happening in Pornos, not what she ever thought would happen to her.
Local Time:
11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
Cassandra watched intently as the winch pulled the girl's nipples, stretching them more and more...by now they looked like they were 4 inches long...
Just for the hell of it, she angled the camera down and was suprised at what she saw. The slave's pussy looked.....moist....

No...it couldn't be....could it?...was there a chance her slave was actually enjoying this?
She grabbed a few devices and came into the room. She paused the winch, still keeping the girl's nipples horribly stretched. Without saying a word, she took her trusty main weapon, her famous Hitachi magic wand, plugged it in and stuck the half dome head up tight against her pussy but first she slipped a powerful mini bullet vibe inside, then tied the Hitachi up tight, trapping the bullet inside. Another vibrator was taped and tied up tight against the base of her butt plug.

After the girl was set up, she left the room again, grabbed a glass of wine, kicked back and watched the show. Cassandra knew from experience that sometimes pleasure--forced pleasure---was a better slave training tool than the whip.
The blonde winced and panted as the winch stole her entire attention. She could barely recognise her poor stretched nipples, held so securely in their clamps, stretched so far she felt like they would pull off. She had her back stretched and strained to get as close as she could, but this was giving her arms and back fatigue as she had to take frequent breaks, which meant her poor sore nipples just got tugged more and more. She was doing this to herself, but every time she felt the tug, she felt that horrific lust hit her over and over again. She was riling herself up, so when Cassandra walked into the room and approached her, she couldn't really give her the same lip as before.

She just stared helplessly, panting and struggling as she had a muffled little moan. "Y..You.." she managed to say, though it was strained as she felt that pain starting to numb out a little and give her a hot sensation in her breasts. They were throbbing hard, and she tried to even control her breathing, just desperately trying anything she could to take back even a scrap of control. That was of course about to come crashing down.

She squirmed around a little bit and flinched as Cassandra touched her thigh and moved up to her sensitive wet pussy. "N..No...please..f...fuckk!" She quivered, but there was no stopping this Woman. She inserted the bullet vibes, one sliding into her sopping wet cunt, leaving Cassandra's finger soaked with her slick clear cum. She squirmed about some more feeling the sensation of the vibes light up her insides, followed by the magic wand. She had actually seen these before, especially in porno, but never in real life, so to have one start to get tied to her now, before vibrating to life made her gasp out in shock. She felt so good, and with the added torture and pressure of her nipples, all her sensitive spots were now blasting her full of endorphins she could no longer ignore. The bullet being taped to her plug, the way the tape and rope held the vibes so close to her, she couldn't help but to just release the biggest loudest moan as she squirmed in her bondage and shuddered out with goosebumps rippling over her skin.

It was exactly the itch she needed scratching and then some. She'd always dreamed of being strapped down to a table and used like this and it was so much better than anything she was ever able to day dream about. She shuddered and moaned and writhed about, her orgasm building and building, while her struggles just made the tight clamps tug on her nipples over and over, practically milking her.

She could barely think, barely speak and all that poured out of her mouth was the most basal sounding sexual sounds she'd ever produced. The crescendo built up over and over until she spilled over and clearly came hard over the wand. She panted and laid there, but the vibrations kept going, and for the first time she felt something novel, something new. Over the top of her afterglow a second orgasm was bubbling up and building all over again. She didn't know what do to other than to languish in this pleasure, a total slut having been hidden in her this whole time, as she showed her true colours to her Mistress, loud and clear.
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11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
With the girl's pleading not to be entered, for a moment Cassandra wasn't sure if the girl didn;t want to be violated or didn't want a finger inside to show proof that the captive was actually enjoying her torture. The dominatrix knew from closeups on screen that she was getting wet but as she slipped the bullet inside her pussy it almost sucked itself inside. As she pulled her finger out, leaving the extraction cord dangling, she swa the telltale glistening on her digit.

Cassandra slipped the wet finger in her mouth and smiled....Alice tasted as delicious as she looked...with the Hitachi in place, a vibe taped ober the base of the butt plug and causing it to vibrate, Cassandra knew it would be just a matter of time.....

The girl's loud squeals and moans were music to Cassandra's ears. The girl twitched and wiggled in her restraints, her tits still held hostage by the cables...the more the girl moved the more her nipples were tortured.

It was finally, obviously too much for the girl to tolerate. Soon Alice screamed as she came, violently, drenching the Hitachi and expelling the bullet, the mini egg shooting out.
Cassandra waited, listening to the girl pant like a puppy, then another orgasm soon followed.

"Quick," she called to the maid...."Get in here and bring the lingerie she was supposed to wear....she'll be too weak to put up any resistance...."
The maid brought in the stockings, garter belt, bra and panties. The legs were released as the maid quickly slipped up the stockings and panty. After that the garterbelt, the straps secured to the stockings followed by the bra.

Cassandra herself carried the almost comatose girl from the table, releasing the clamps and took her back to the bedroom. Handcuffing her wrists to the headboard, she took a pair of vibrating nipple clamps and secured them to her sore tits, turning them on full power. The vibrator taped over her buttplug was left in place.

Now," Cassandra said in her most sultry voice...."Where were we..."
The seasoned Domme started licking and kissing the inside of the girl's legs, starting on her shins and slowly working her way up, leaving a warm wet tongue trail upwards.
Up past her calves, tongue bathing the underside of her knees....the inside of her thighs.....she paused only to move over to the other leg and tongue bathed her way up.
Finally she was within a few inches of the girl's pussy, still sopping wet. She reached up and gently fondled the girl's tits, being careful not to touch the vibrating clamps.

Finally she reached nirvanna.
Cassandra first kissed the swollen pussy lips, engorged with blood then gently licked up and down the opening. Finally she curled her tongue into a mini cock and gently slipped it inside.
She didn't stop the maid at all, and was only even barely aware that she was being changed as she laid splayed out on the table, the softness of the lingerie against her skin while she was in the throws of an afterglow feeling extra soft and comfortable, while giving enough grip to her skin. She was lifted easily by Cassandra, and leaned against her as they walked, her eyes looking dazed. The outfit she wore suited her well, hugging her curves and pinching her in some of her softer spots, to give her thighs a cute little shape.

She let out a little satisfied sigh, sinking into the bed, not stopping Cassandra from chaining her to the headboard. Instead, she just let the feelings of euphoria keep her in a love drunk haze. Her hands slowly curled around the chain on the cuffs, and she held on as her legs were held up and smothered in kisses. She looked at Cassandra, the way she walked, the way she talked, the moves, and the and clear expert knowledge. It was like what she's always wanted in her dreams, a Dominatrix that knew her way around her body. Each touch was soft, supple, tender, and she was too far into her lust to complain. Instead she just let out a moan as she felt her Mistress get closer and closer to her cunt.

She could feel how wet she was, and was held in Cassandra's palm with anticipation as she could feel her warm breath over sodden skin. She had to be dreaming right? This all seemed so surreal, but felt so good. She gasped out and shuddered out over her whole body, her tremors gentle when she felt Cassandra's soft lips licking, kissing and then tongue fucking her. She moaned louder and gripped at her chains harder, slowly but surely raising her hips up as though she were offering her pussy to her Mistress, giving her better access. She was so deft, so skilled, that Alice was losing her mind. She'd been bi for almost all her life, but always preferred the way Women knew their way around a cunt, and Cassandra was showing her that she was one of the best. She didn't even realise that getting fucked like this was even possible. "F..Fuck...Fuck yes.." she whispered, softly, pulling against her bondage. "F..Fuck!!" she shuddered again, her voice soft and tamed, as she submitted to her loving touch. All those complaints, all the aggression before, you would have been forgiven for thinking that was a totally different person, and that the Woman Cassandra was now eating out was always her destined Bed slut. She whimpered and moaned, her voice showing her submission. She really was a sweet little pup right now, in her happy place, just giving in to this total pleasure.
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11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
It was probably pointless to have her maid dress Alice back up in the lingerie, but she loved the look of a woman in sexy bras and panties, sometimes even hotter than totally nude.
The bedroom had candles all over, placed purposely to flood the room with heavenly lavender scent. Soft music was playing nowhere yet everywhere. The room was dark except for the candles gently flickering.

Cassandra had planned everything down to the last detail.....even though she did indeed feel the need to torture her after Alice refused to cooperate, she had everything set up....just in case.
And now she was playing Alice like a violin.

Gently, deftly she slipped her tongue deep into the girl's now soaked pussy, darting it in and out the way you would torment a lover with a mini vibe.
Alice not only cooperated but acted as if she finally craved the attention. She brought up her legs, opening them as if to give herself to her Mistress. Cassandra took advantage of it and drove her tongue deeper, mashing her nose up tight against her slave's wet pussy.

The Domme was rewarded by sweet cum nectar as Alice came, not once but twice. Cassandra paused for a minute, giving the girl a chance to breathe and relax, revelling in her euphoria, then slowly and gently re entered her again.

Alice by now was exhausted and soaking. Cassandra sucked and swallowed every drop that flowed from inside her, then gently licked her all over, cleaning her with her tongue.

Keeping the padded mini nipple clamps on low power, she covered her slave with the bedsheet and laid down beside her.
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11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
Alice writhed and moaned louder and louder as she pressed her cunt up willingly for her Mistress. She had never had sex this good, and after having had her body get tormented like it was before, the sudden tender softness of her Tongue and hands smoothing over her supple skin made her shudder with pure delight.

Everything felt like she was laying on a cloud, with soft lingere, bedsheets and none stop stimulation, it was like she was entering a trance. When she felt herself getting tongue fucked she started to slowly but surely rock her hips in time, grinding over her tongue, her pussy just producing more and more of that sweet nectar.

She felt like she was ramping up to another giant orgasm, which blew her mind. This was what she'd dreamed about, this was what her fantasies had always been, and more. She just relaxed her body and gripped onto the chains, letting them jangle before letting a few choice words tumble out of her quivering lips. "F..fuck...fuck I'm so close please don't stop...don't...f..fuck...yess...ye..yess...f..f.fFFFUUUUUCCCKKK!!" She yelled out in pleasure as she felt that final push over the edge, after begging for it.

She was quick to pant and felt like she was going to pass out from tiredness after everything she'd been through. Her Misstress pulled the blanket over her and laid beside her, keeping her warm.

She had no will power, or energy left and almost instantly fell asleep.

In all her wildest dreams, she never knew she had that in her. Cassandra had not only picked well, she'd hit the jackpot. Clearly there was a very kinky needy slut within her that was just turned on by humiliation.

She slept soundly, not a peep, only gentle soft breathing. Her body was warm but not hot either, keeping a nice temperature in the bed. She slept in her chains, her body wrapped with lingere and looked like a seasoned professional. Her curves, the toys, the way she so soundly had no issue sleeping through the night with chains, plugs, her collar and clamps on. She didn't even fidget or wake up once.

When she did finally come too the next morning, she felt groggy, and blinked slowly, starting to come too. Her hands still bound to the headboard. "Hmmnh?"
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6:16 PM
Apr 11, 2023
Cassandra woke up the next morning, feeling the warmth of a naked body close against hers....during the night, her slave snuggled close.
"Good morning slave!," she chirped. Releasing her from the bed but clipping a leash to her collar, she pulled the still groggy girl from the bed and led her downstairs to the kitchen.
Once downstairs, a maid was busy preparing breakfast.

Cassandra took a seat and instructed her bed slave to kneel on the floor on a small rug at her feet. A plate of food was placed in front of Cassandra, while a bowl was put in front of Alice.....they both had the same breakfast but Cassandra still didn't trust her new slave enough to give her sharp kitchen utensils. She had handcuffed her hands in front of her.
"You will eat with your fingers," she instructed her, "Until I know you can be trusted.."
A warm moist hand towel was placed next to the girl's breakfast bowl so she could clean herself.

Once breakfast was over, Cassandra led her slave out into the living room.She had another suprise planned for the girl....if her slave secretely enjoyed humiliation, she would have her chance.
Alice was led to a coffee table and with the help of a maid, quickly was stripped of her lingerie and forced to lay on the table on her belly. Cassandra held her down while the slave maid quickly gagged her with Cassandra's panties stuffed in her mouth followed by a cloth gag. Her hands and feet were bound and soon she was hogtied.

"Your'e gonna learn to be used as human furniture," Cassandra said....."Today you'll be my foot rest...."
The maid brought over two powerful vibrators. Cassandra set both on high power and stuffed them in the girl's pussy and ass. Cassandra sat back on the couch, placing her legs on the girl's back. The maid brought over some coffee and Cassandra reclined happily, enjoying the bright Sunday morning.

an hour later the doorbell rang.
3 woman around Cassandra's age came in. The domme welcomed them.
"Come in ladies," she said....time for our morning coffee club...."
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11:16 AM
Aug 12, 2023
The morning came about like a blur. Alice was warm, in a plush bed, surprisingly soft in fact, softer than her own. There was a luxury about the materials that was evident. She blinked and looked around, pulling her arms only to feel them tugging at the cuffs, as she looked up, greeted by the Woman from last night. Those words..They stuck to the roof of her mouth like taffy.

Last night wasn't some elaborate nightmare. Here she was, dressed up in fine lingerie, bound to the bed and looking at this cocky Lady who so casually called her slave. She struggled a little bit but she was at the will and mercy of this fiend. She crawled over her and released, her clipping a leash to her collar. Humiliating. Alice's cheeks turned red, and she was about to respond with something snappy and quirky but as she was tugged, she felt the soreness of her nipples all at once. They had been utterly tormented last night, and with how swiftly her last outburst got her sent to that room with the crank, she thought twice, and just looked frustrated as she held her tongue.

She was lead along, the tug of the leash, reminding her body over and over of the presence of that heavy collar. The jangling of the metal against the hoop as she was walked along like a dog. She felt something in her fire up at that realisation, and had to breath heavily through her nose for a moment before dismissing and denying the pleasure that just gave her. This woman was taking 'keeping someone on a short leash' to a humiliating new low. She wanted to cover herself up as she was paraded through the mansion, the other workers and slaves working to keep the place spick and span.

The kitchen looked gargantuan compared to her stuffy little appartment with a kitchenette in an open plan living room. It was shocking to her the quality of everything in here, it was like she'd walked into a showroom floor. Yet Cassandra sat herself down and was served food. Alice huffed as she was pulled over, and glared at Cassandra as she made her demand of her to kneel on the floor. She begrudgingly obliged, since there was no where else to go, and clearly her bluffs were quick to be called when challenged. She blushed harder when she was given food in a fancy looking pet bowl, and told to eat with her hands. "You can't be serious.." she started, but one of the maids bought her over a towel. She looked at Cassandra, and had such a fire in her eyes that was ready to flare out, but her nipples were as hard as diamonds, and not just because of the clamps.

She had the smell and the look of arousal on her, despite her protests, and for a long time decided to not even amuse the idea, trying to hold off, but she was starving. She'd been through so much in the past night, that she'd really not accounted for how hungry she was, so with a frustrated sigh of defeat, she gingerly and awkwardly picked up some of her food and ate a bite. It was good, it was really good, better than anything she'd ever had, and she couldn't hide the shock on her face after she had taken her first bite, despite it being so degrading how she had to eat. She had to get another bite, it was so moreish, it was like she couldn't stop, and bit by bit, she did eat the whole of her breakfast, at least thankful for the towel she was given.

She blushed a bit after her food, realising that she'd just done exactly what Cassandra would have wanted, but the alternative sounded like anther painful session with who else knows what.

She huffed and tugged a bit against her leash, as though letting some of that fire give a warning to Cassandra, that she may have to play along for now but she doesn't have her spirit. She was lead along to the living room and it looked perfectly normal, but as she was brought over to the coffee table and suddenly grabbed and pushed down she did start to squirm and tried her best not to let herself get tied up, but with two versus one, she was pulled into a hog tie, which made everything easier. "Get off of me! This is ridiculous, I am not just some toy to be, what are you doi-MrrmPRHRH!!" she squirmed more and shook her head about but had the cloth gag keep her misstress's panties in her mouth. She blushed harder still especially tasting that particular brand of her Misstress, a brand she would be becoming very familiar with over her time at the mansion.

She looked furious and pathetic all at once as she squirmed and wriggled around, and was told what she was to be today. Furniture? Furniture?! She complained behind the cloth gag, now starting to dampen with her spit, but it was no use. Slowly but surely she was tied down and secured more to the table, and finally Cassandra added insult to injury by resting her feet over her arms and back. She felt the warmth of her legs, and looked at her with that offended little blush of hers that was adorably trying to cover her real feelings here.

Just like in her dreams, and with the crank before, she'd often thought about a scenario like this, daydreamed about it and imagined what it could possibly feel like. Each tug and each struggle let her feel just how trapped she was, stuck to the table, secured down. She could even put her full weight into deadweight, and she still wasn't changing posture or position. She was nicely balanced, and...in the weirdest way actually quite comfortable. The ropes were soft against her skin, and the table was giving her support. Even her knees secured and supported as they were were giving her rest enough. It was mainly just the tug of her wrists and her ankles that was giving her the most stress.

She huffed and looked at Cassandra, wriggling about more, trying to get her feet off, but gave out a little squeak as the maid approached her rear end and wedged the vibrators into her wet cunt and her asshole. "Mrrmrm!! MRMRRRMMPH!!!" She shuddered all over, something Cassandra would feel and see with goosebumps rippling down her arms. She huffed hard against the gag as the vibrators hit her in just the right spots, and started to rev pleasure spots up in just the right way.

She was so red, and her squirms and struggles were useless. Then, her ears twitched, as she heard the doorbell go. Looking to Cassandra, she looked mortified, as she looked up and welcomed in the three Women to the room.

"Mprprh!!" She tried, protesting, as they all entered, seeing her front and centre, naked and bound. She tried not to think about it, but she could see them all eyeing her up, like new meat, while her cunt started to slowly but surely get wetter by the second, clearly on display for all to see. She shifted a little but couldn't hide her breasts, and her backside was nicely pert and poked out, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. She went quieter and more demure, feeling the weight of the humiliating scenario really seep into her skin. She felt tiny, ridiculous, and dehumanised, which all bundled up right as the vibrators kept buzzing away. Why!! Why did it feel good, why was it making her hornier?! She was beet red all over now, and felt Cassandra just shifting her position on her back, getting nice and comfortable, as her silly little footstool went through a whole confusing reckoning.
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6:16 PM
Apr 11, 2023
Cassandra wasted little time in humiliating her slave even further.
"Ladies," she called out..."I want to introduce you to the newest member of my family...."
She waved a hand toward the gagged and hogtied girl bound to the table.
"This is.....CUNT....."
The topless April came out from the kitchen, went over to her owner and did a curtsy. "Yes Mistress....how may I make you and your friends day better?"

Cassandra smiled. "Check all the ropes on Cunt," she replied....."Make sure theyr'e nice and tight...I'm taking my friends to the toy room and let them pick out what they want to use with my slave....keep an eye on her..."

April knelt beside Alice.
"Looks like Mistress has come up with a name for you....'Cunt', huh?....oh well, guess it could be worse.....let's see," she said as she rose...."better make sure all this rope is tight...."
She pulled out the vibrator imbedded in the girl's pussy and slipped it in her mouth.
"Hmmmm....your'e wet....good, you'll need the extra lubrication, no telling what theyr'e gonna use on you....I'm not gonna keep you in the dark....Mistress's friends are just as sadistic as she is, maybe more so....good thing your gagged....oh, one more thing.....Mistress told me if you behave and don't raise too much shit she's gonna let me have you for the evening tonight.....I really hope you behave...I've wanted to make love to you since your first night here. Not straight savage sex....a nice pleasurable night of lovemaking....please let it happen for us...."

A few minutes later the women returned. Cassandra glanced at her domestic.
"That will be all," she said....."Close the doors behind you...."
Cassandra resumed her place on the couch and crossed her legs, resting them on Alice's back once more. The ladies all stripped nude....one cinched a strap on harness around her waist. She got behind the gagged and bound captive, pulling the vibe out of her pussy.
"Hmmmmm," she said..."She tastes as good as she looks....."
The woman guided the menacing dildo up to her pussy then slammed it inside, bottoming out with just one lunge. Grabbing hold of the girl's thighs, she began fucking her, aiming just slightly upwards to rub against her G spot.
In and out she went, groaning as she raped her.

"Damn Cassie," she said...."are you sure you don't want to sell her to me? she'd be a great addition to my stable...."
Cassandra smiled, taking a sip of her wine. "Are you kidding?," she replied...."I paid damn good money for her....no, Cunt is mine...."
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