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  1. Lord Sesshoumaru

    General RP The Curse of the Ever Growing Hunt for Entertainment

    @Knight_of_None @Lord Sesshoumaru XXXX -Story One- ( Fantasy ) : Eastern Bunny's Secret : In the forest, a shadow moved about, Unaware that this year a new donation would be taken for the growing batch of Eggs. Be it one found by the Bait eggs, or found by the unlucky souls which pass through...
  2. Lord Sesshoumaru

    Fantasy RP The Cursed Maiden, and the Evil Lord of a Destroyed Realm

    @Knight_of_None @Lord Sesshoumaru --------------------------- ---------------- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX In a small town hidden deep in the region of Hiyatosai, a land filled with many Demi humans, and demonic hybrids alike. living along side many humans, this small province lives free of...
  3. Lord Sesshoumaru

    Fantasy RP An Angel's Lewd Corruption, In the Hellscape of Survival

    Name: Marina Age: 342 but looks about 24 Sex/Gender: Female She/Her Appearance: Long, mouse brown hair that falls in waves to her mid back, light skin that’s pale after a few days with no sun, but typically a light golden color. Soft bright, sky blue, almoNd shaped eyes, hourglass figure...
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