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A Hero's Wandering Heart (A Legend of Zelda RP)

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7:15 AM
Nov 9, 2022
Deep in the mountains of Hyrule, a young hero is hidden away, sleeping a centuries worth of battle wounds away. Broken, beaten, but mending, preparing for the battle against a great evil that had poisoned the lands. Monsters Roam. Once powerful gaurdain machines had become deadly destroyers, lurking to defend the castle grounds. All would be set right by this great hero, the wielder of the master sword...this tale however is not of such a hero.

While Link rests, a good deal of desperate men, foolhardy adventurers, and dutifully warriors walk the lands, fighting against the darkness, doing what they can to aid their people, trading, and scavenging. But only a few truly gad a Quest, one such Hyliean, walked aimlessly along the rolling green foothills Central Hyrule, a hammer at his back, rugged travelers clothing and a weather worn bag of supplies. His hair was tucked under a bandanna, hiding his brown hair, glossy goggles covered his eyes. His face was stubled, and his skin was slightly tanned from his wandering. His name was Riley, and he was a simple man on a quest to find love in this miserable world, and to do good along the way.
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