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A Royal's Duty (Open)

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7:14 AM
Nov 9, 2022
The kingdom of Edirekith was never a warhawk nation, not naturally, but these times were becoming tense. The neighboring empire was rubbing borders with them, taking up farm lands and resources. The peasantry weren't particularly happy with such strangers needling them, the nobility were furious seeing it as a direct provocation. The King made a sudden decision to try to placate his people, to ally with the Torean Empire by giving one of his children in a arranged marriage. The Torean Empire had sent a list to say the list, providing that the Emperor had multiple wives, he had no shortage of sires.

The prince of the kingdom, a slender boy that was supposedly an Alpha, but he was on the smsller side, around 4'12, his eyes a mismatched blue and green. He was walking up and down the line, almost like he was addressing an army...behind him were both the King of Edirekith and the Emperor of Torean, obviously silent only for the sake of civility. "Everest. You must decide." The king said once again, the large Tiger Beasts claws clicking at the arm rest of this throne. The Prince paused looking at the selection, the closet to him. "Step Forward." The boy said, trying to hold up his posture and Composure.
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