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Fantasy RP all hallows' eve (Knight_of_None)

May 13, 2023
name: lexi
age: 19
gender: female
species: werewolf
appearance: 5 foot 4, large thighs and tits, slightly smaller ass, white, grey eyes, long red and purple hair

Every all hallows' eve is a special day the supernaturals get to have fun and go wild. The humans don't understand the importance of the day. All hallows' eve is the day that all supernaturals were made.

All hallows' eve also happens to to be the biggest party of the year this year is the first time that i get to go to the supernatural party. its held in an old deserted village, night begins to fall as i make my way to the village and my form begins to shift my red and purple hair begins to turn into black and grey fur and my ears come out along with my fangs and my claws. as im walking i bump into another person. "hey!" i say as i look at you

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Nov 9, 2022
Name: Salazar
age: 250
gender: Male
species: Gargoyle
appearance: 6 foot 9 inches Tall, a massive wall of sculpted muscle, cold marble like skin (becomes normal albeit still marble colored flesh at night), long pointed ears, long fangs, a mane of red hair, pitch black eyes.

The person grunted over his shoulder, turning around, looking down at the smaller werewolf. "Sorry. Must have missed you." He grumbles out, he was wrapped in a trenchcoar, though it only made him more conspicuous at his large framed size. "Didn't mean to cause trouble." He added as he hunched slightly, trying not to seem as tall ir imposing as he was. He was already a monster, he had no shape to change, just to stay up in the night.
Nov 9, 2022
Going down to the lake side, she'd find the party was quieter, less monsters and beings around, Salazar parted through the crowd as he saw her going for privacy. He walked to a shady spot, watching supernatural in full party mode. Pulling tricks, doing spells, and some prowling looking for some fun times.
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