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Apr 11, 2023
Ok, here's one that's slightly out of the box.....I play a woman unsatisfied by her partner so she often leaves the house, takes rooms at hotels for solo roleplaying. She brings a bag with handcuffs, blindfold, ballgag and vibrators with her...she's become fairly good at self bondage, securing a set of cuffs to her ankles wrists and attaching her hands to the bed. She's always alone, feeling that she's really not cheating on her spouse cause she's by herself.

One evening as she's pretending to be kidnapped in a hotel room she forgets to remove the tag from the door....it reads 'Housekeeper needed'.....the housekeeper comes in and finds a naked, gagged and blindfolded woman writhing on the bed....

What happens from there?
I need a RP partner that can be dominant. Do you take her home as your sex slave, kidnapping her for real? do you just keep her in the hotel room? choice will be up to you


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