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RP Hunt Cowgirl's Search

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4:52 PM
Nov 14, 2023
Alright... Let's just get right into it... Shall we?

First things first... Allow me to introduce myself for those of you who don't know me...
I'm ArmedCowgirl.. But, you may call me anything really, as long as it's a nice nickname. :)

Now! Onto the roleplay stuff! :D

My Asks/"Rules"

1. If you're going to be roleplaying with me, we are going to talk about the plot A LOT. Just be prepared..
2. If you don't think you're going to be interested in any of the plots I have/roleplaying with me in general. Just say something. Don't waste my time and ghost me... Thank you :)
3. No one liners, that makes me lose interest fast, I'm asking for at least 5+ sentences per reply.
4. I may not have the best grammar, so I'm not going to expect you to but PLEASE make sure replies make sense.. I don't like asking because it makes me feel like a terrible person :,)
5. Be prepared, I tend to get carried away with roleplays I really enjoy... I can be a Novella writer. Please don't be intimidated by this..
6. DO NOT RUSH ME FOR REPLIES!!!! I am a full time college student with a part-time job at the moment, I will try to be on as much as I can and at least get one reply in per day.... It may be more if I have time
7. I only roleplay in 3rd person, always have, always will. If you roleplay in 1st or 2nd, that is totally fine! I would still absolutely love to roleplay with you! :D
8. Erotica WILL NOT be all the roleplay is. I like plot..
9. I DO NOT play male humans, I will however play male animals..

I'll probably add more as time goes on.. But, those are my mains :)

Plot Ideas

1. Kidnapped(Muse A) x Kidnappee(Muse B) : Human Roleplay

Muse A having been part of the mafia all of his life was told to be taking over his fathers spot on the high table of their group soon. Though, Muse A is sure he wants his fathers place, but feels as though something is missing. The more time that went by, the more thought he put in about what his missing piece could be, and one day, he saw her. Muse B quickly enters the picture, her beautiful looks and amazing stature taking Muse A by the heart strings without even trying. Though, soon enough Muse A finds out about Muse B's boyfriend.. He's a rather abusive asshole that does care but also doesn't care for her. So.. Muse A comes up with a plan. He kidnaps Muse B, and even through her demands to let her leave, he just can't.. Can he make her stay?

2. The Wolfless Mate : Werewolf/Supernatural Roleplay
There's two plots for this....

Muse A is a rather domineering yet caring new alpha searching for someone to love. Little did he know his fated mate wouldn't be a part of his species.... (This can be anything.. Vampire, Human... Some sort of hybrid)

Muse A was living her life in a small town in montana, her life being absolutely amazing now that she was finally out of the foster care system. Though.. One night, that was all flipped upside down. After a rather stressful birthday of working out, she is surrounded by a group of three rather large men. Muse B, with a large grin on his face stares at her with some sort of lust love look. It was then that he tells her she must come with him.. Supposedly she was his fated mate, and she was in trouble....

These are my mains, but I am open to anything!

Things with Erotica will be talked about through PM's :)
Thank you! :D
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4:52 PM
Nov 15, 2023
I may be interested in doing an RP with you! Iā€™m not interested in erotica too much, and more on wholesomeness, I suppose, although that would be solely up to you, of course!šŸ˜… I might be interested in doing the first plot idea with you, more specifically.
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