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Dancer of Delight

Sep 23, 2023
Character Name: Isabel Scarletti
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30
  • Sexuality: Bisexual (leaning female)
  • Birthplace: Ishgard
Appearance: What do you look like?
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Occupation: Courtesan
Background: Isabel was both a dancer and giver of pleasure of everywhere she went, for as long as she could remember. Not knowning her family as she was orphaned, the gangs in Ishgard put the lovely dancer to work when she was 18 because they saw she had promise in both her body and her skill in controlling people. At first Isabel resisted the idea but the more and more she got into it, the more she enjoyed taking people's money for all they were worth. Male or female, she loved to enjoy their company after the sun went down and she had her way with them. Easily she gave the mafia their share of the cut and wouldn't mind doing it to every one in the city. (PM me for ideas...)
Kinks: BDSM, domme, facesitting, titfucking, oral, anal, vanilla, fingering, light bondage, Female on female, futa, exhibitionism
Limits: degradation, death, vore, scat, piss


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