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RP Hunt Gleaming Purple Sky (RP Request/Open!)

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To contact me, please use pms, do not post in the threads. Thank you~

  • I only rp in the forums, so please do not offer any off-site alternatives.
  • Your spelling and grammar must be decent enough for me to understand, just try your best. I also ask for you not to post in text talk or in first person.
  • Do not post in one liners. If you could at least give me a short paragraph, then we will be just fine. Para posting is also acceptable.
  • If you have somehow lost interest in the rp, or taking a break, etc, please tell me and I will understand.
  • I am open to suggestions if you want to do a plot with me, I will be all ears.
  • Do not be afraid to pm me about elements for our rp, better to ask than not saying anything.
  • All I ask is that you have fun, I know i will =)

Modern Fantasy
Sci Fi
Historical Fantasy

Roles I play:
Female (F4M only)
Male (M4M only, Uke, Seke, will only Seme in double rps)
Nonbinary (Uke, Seke)

Canon x Canon
Canon x OC

Fandom List
Bust a Groove
Clock Tower/Haunting Grounds
Devil May Cry
Fatal Frame
Final Fantasy
Harry Potter
Jet Set Radio
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Legend of Zelda
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Soul Calibur

Kink List
Fantasy Humanoids
Male/Female Impregnation
Dirty talk
Light biting
Sexual tension
Light Bondage
Nipple play/Breast Play
Exotic Anatomy
Monsters/Aliens/Fantasy Creatures/Humanoid
Light Voyeurism
Opposite Attraction
Forbidden Romance
Age Gap

Heavy Gore/Guro
Too much angst
Heavy Bondage
Heavy Torture
Heavy Abuse/Non-con
Heavy Drug-Use
Excessive Stomach bulging
Excessive Fluids
Food insertion/Food play
Sexual Violence/Gore
Heavy Bloodplay
Yuri/Female Futa
Rubber Suits
Feet fetish
Wound insertion
Object Insertion
Body Mutilation
Pet Play
Tickle Torture
Pain play
Heavy Toy play
Purely smut

Thanks for looking! The plots are down below for your viewing pleasure!
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Hetero Plots

Soul Salvation
Soul Calibur-Siegfried x Cassandra
Sophitia Alexandria once again sets off on her mission to destroy Soul Edge, leaving her loved ones behind. Her younger sister, Cassandra decides to chase after her, wanting to convince her to go home so that she'll destroy the evil sword herself. On the way, she meets a knight named Siegfried that has a connection to the sword and decides to follow him in hopes of finding it and her sister.

Dante Must Die
Devil May Cry- Dante x Human!OC
Dante has gotten the contract of his life, he is offered a lot of money for searching for a girl for his client, and he found her. Things are not as it seems as he gets close to her, and the truth becomes clear as his client's intentions are more than just finding her and slaying demons. Breaking ties with his client, he protects the girl from the demons, but to get to her- the Son of Sparda must be destroyed.

The Golden Mark
The Hobbit- Fili x Hobbit!OC
MC is a Hobbit, unlike the rest is a stubborn maiden who takes care of her aging father. While in the forest, she meets with a golden haired Dwarf, and is somehow intrigued. What she doesn't know is that he is Fili, heir to the Throne of the Lonely Mountains.

Fires of Life
Fatal Frame- Possessed!OC x Reincarnated!OC
MC is a very usual girl, a Japanese girl born with bright blue eyes is a rarity. She takes a school trip to a mountain that surrounds a old legend, a God that wants to be reunited with his lost Goddess. YC is her friend that is on the trip as well, as they are in the village near the sacred mountain, but that is when the strangest thing began to happen. The mountain calls for MC, and YC tries to save her, but now he housed a God trying to reclaim his love.

Emerald Star
JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Jotaro x Female!Kakyoin
Noriko Kakyoin has moved into town after her parents sent her to the home of the Joestars to live with Joseph and his family. She is nervous to b around the family because she can see a emerald creature that can protect her, and thought of herself as a monster. Little does she knows that no only Joseph is like her, but also his grandson Jotaro. Even still, she is afraid to be close to anyone because of terrifying dreams, but Jotaro promise that he will be with her.

Kiss of Sugar
JJBA Golden Wind- Female!Doppio x Bruno
Donatella is a single mother living in New York raising her daughter in relative peace, but that peace didn't last long when a man name Bruno Bucciarati tracked down both mother and daughter with his gang to try and take them back to Italy. After a while, he suddenly changed his mind and swore to protect them with his life.

Soulmate TV
Persona 4- Yu x Chie
There is a urban legend about a TV channel that only comes on at midnight on a rainy day. It is said that those who look upon it at that time, would show that person's true love. Chie thought it was ridiculous since she has done it a few times, and no one showed up. However, when a new guy, Yu comes into town, that is when a vision finally shows on her TV of a blurry figure. Is her soulmate finally found?

Blessing of the Azure Moon
Fire Emblem- Dimitri x Agartha!Avatar
Long ago, the people of Fodlan were graced with the Goddess Sothis' blessing. and those blessings took the form of four crystals. The Agartha people corrupted their crystal, the vessel of an unholy energy, and they were punished for it. The crystals have been passed down from barer to barer, and it is holy law that the 4th barer must die. Dimitri found a strange girl in the woods, and notice that there is something odd about her. His crystal shines every time he is near her, could she be the one with the dark crystal?

I see the Light
Frozen/Rise of the Guardians- Elsa x Jack Frost
Elsa has been trapped within a tower most of her life, knowing little of the outside world with only her parents and sister for company. That is until she is visited by a frost spirit named Jack Frost , and has been with her ever since. He promised that one day he would show her the outside, to give her the taste of freedom.

Tekken- Jin x Xiaoyu
It has been a long time since Xiaoyu has seen her secret crush Jin Kazuma since he just disappeared. She has been wondering where he could be as she tries to live her life. It shatters when Jin suddenly reappears, as he is trying to battle his inner demon. She is willing to help him do just that, as their adventure is full of danger, but will they overcome?

Demon of Hunger
Little Nightmares- Mono x Six
For as long as she can remember, Six has been possessed by the demon of hunger. That is why she hid herself away in a metal prison at sea, that is why she is bond to be its mistress, to keep the demon at bay. That is why she had to let Mono go that day, or he would be consumed as long as she was with him. Maybe he would come back one day to enact his revenge, he will kill her so the demon would die with her.

The Platinum Sun
Harry Potter- Harry x Female!Draco
It has been 7 years since the battle of Hogwarts, and Draco is a teacher of Hogwarts after her parents were murdered and her family home destroyed. This is the only place that she calls home, a safe place from the outside as there are those who are looking for the few former Death Eaters that escaped justice. Harry Potter is an auror, investigating an anti-dark wizard cult that are killing former Death Eaters with a magical artifact. It is believed that they are targeting Hogwarts next, so Harry decides to stay as Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher in order to protect Draco.

The Phantom's Mask
Black Butler-Yandere!Ciel x Maid!OC
MC is a girl looking for work, and as luck would have it, has found it at the Phantomhive's Estate. The Master, Ciel Phantomhive has taken an interest in his new maid, so much so that it festers slowly into something carnal and dark. The demon inside of him is in need of this seemingly normal girl to be his, and no one would stand in his way.

Beloved Azure Gleam
Fire Emblem 3 Houses- Reincarnated!Dimitri x Archbishop!Avatar
it has been 200 years since she became Rhea's successor and become archbishop, sacrificing her happiness for Dimitri's sake as she knows that he would have met a gruesome end if their love blossomed. To her surprise, the prince of the united Fodlan looks exactly like the old king of Salvation, even having his namesake. This haunts the archbishop as she tries her best to not fall in love again, but fate has other ideas.

Soul of Fire
Mortal Kombat-Scorpion x Sacrifice!OC
MC is a popular singer from Earthrealm, just starting into her very own solo career. During her performance at a concert, a portal opened from above causing terrible monsters to rain from above. She is kidnapped, taken to the Netherrealm as a prisoner to the terrible Quan Chi. She thought that she would never get out, until she is rescued by a man by the name of Hanzo Hasashi, also known as Scorpion. He vows to be her protector, as he swears vengeance on the sorcerer that ruined his life.

Heart of Ice
Mortal Kombat-Sub Zero x Priestess!OC
MC enters into Earthrealm after it was attacked and looking to seek shelter. She enters into Lin Kuei territory and is now under the protection of the Grandmaster Sub-Zero, and now their realm is invaded by this new threat.

Mind of Vapor
Mortal Kombat- Smoke x OC
The Lin Kuei is in search of a girl who has a precious artifact, and it is Smoke's job to look for her. He found her in the clutches of the Black Dragons, but takes her back to his clan. MC is brought into a new world of assassins and magic, and is whisked away from her home, only to be told that she had something she didn't know she had. The only person she could trust is Smoke, who is the most sincere.

True Love's Kiss
Disney-Maleficent x Stefan
In the land, there are two realms that has been in conflict for ages: The human kingdom and the magical realm of the Faefolk. The most powerful in the realm is Maleficent, who has a daughter named Aurora born from the union between her old love Stefan, King of the human kingdom. They were in love once before his betrayal left her heart broken and vengeful, hating him most of all. Would she be able to forgive?

Resident Evil- Leon x Ashley
It has been two years after the events of RE4, and Ashley now works at a laboratory that creates serums. However, after an attack, she was injected with a certain serum that a bioterrorist group want, so Leon is placed to protect her once again.
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Yaoi Plots

Dragon Strings
Yugioh-BlueEyes!Kaiba x RedEyes!Joey
Dragons live alongside humans, and are the eldest and ruling class of the world. Seto Kaiba belongs to a powerful dragon family, and heir to its name. One day, he meets with an unusual human, Joey Wheeler, who is suffering from a rare curse that makes him a dragon. Against his better judgement, Kaiba decides to take him in to teach him how to control his curse and probably turn it into a blessing.

Eyes of the Beholder
007- Bond x Q
James received a mysterious blue gem from his latest mission and given it to his Quartermaster unknowingly painted a target on his back. James have to protect him and find out what is so important about this Gem, these pairs of 'Eyes' belonging to a organization.

Light Side of the Moon
Bleach- AU!Aizen x OU!Ichigo
Ichigo woke up one morning as thing are somewhat normal for him. However, that changes when he discovers that Sosuke Aizen is walking around, and that he doesn't know anything about Ichigo or the Soul Society. As a matter of fact, none of them doesn't know anything about this man except the boy. What is going on, why did everything change under his nose?

Crystal Hymn
Final Fantasy- Past!OC x Present!OC
C1 was a great hero from the past who has slain a great evil at the cost of his life. Thousands of years later, the hero is discovered within a seal, and he is released thanks to C2. The world is vastly different from C1, as he has to navigate this new world as it seems that the evil wasn't defeated all those years ago. The great heroes are tasked with finding it, and save the world once more.

Passion of the White Flames
Drakengard- Knight!OC x Hero!OC
20 years ago, there was a man and a silver dragon that were the scourge of the peaceful Union. The both of them left a trail of bloodshed and destruction in their wake, not even the best of the kingdom could stop them. In desperation, the people turn to the gods, and they have bestowed the chosen one the power to seal the man and the dragon away, never to torment the land again.

Salvation of the Azure Moon
Fire Emblem- Shifter!Dimitri x M!Protag
100 years ago, the Kingdom of Faerghus was a land of prosperity, but it now has become a land of monsters, devoid of humans as they were driven out. It is a cursed place, but Rhea has been gathering brave soldiers to take it back. She has assigned Jeralt and his son to fight and kill the former prince of Faerghus, who is now a monster himself to end the curse. Is there another way? To save this lost prince from the darkness?

Platinum Sage
JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Jotaro x Kakyion
The Stardust Mercenaries are a band of men with extraordinary powers, led by Jotaro Kujo. Their latest mission is the assassination of Lord's Dio's priest who is essential to his regime. Said priest is a captive Noriaki Kakyion who wish for freedom. Jotaro grants it, as they work together to defeat Dio once and for all.

Paid in Full
Cuphead- Mugman x The Devil
Long ago, Mugman found a a beautiful ring in the forest, which was property of the Devil. Said Devil came to him and want his ring back, but couldn't. Instead, the devil wish to be paid in a different way, Mugman himself. Master Kettle protected the young Mug and moved him away from his grasp. Now the mug is living in solitude unlike his brother who lives in freedom, hiding from an evil entity.

Kiss of Salt
JJBA Golden Wind- Doppio x Bruno
Vinegar Doppio is the younger brother of the infamous boss of Passione, and is on the run from him after taking away his daughter. They live in relative peace for years, until a man named Bruno Bucciarati approached him, warning him of the danger and wanting to get him and his niece to safety. The pink haired man starts to fall for Bruno, but has to protect Trish from her demon of a father.
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Light of my Life
Marvel- Thor x Loki, Steve x Tony
Loki is a single parent, he has been raising his son Steve, and everything have been going well...at first. Steve starts to experience significant growth, and have abilities that he cannot explain, and Loki reveals the truth that he is a demigod. His father is Thor, god of Thunder, and said god is looking for the both of them.

The Mark
The Hobbit- Thorin x Bilbo
Legend has it that people’s soul are tied by destiny, and when they are close, they become one. Bilbo has been told of this, and he thought that such a thing would never happen to him. It was until that he met the king under that mountain, Thorin Oakenshield, that he felt very odd, that his heart begins to feel pain. Could it be true that this warrior king is his other half.

Nights of Creation
FNAF- Night guard x Male Animatronics
On the first day, a new night guard sits in on his job at Freddy Fazbear Pizza. At the stroke of 12 am, a curse transforms the inside of the pizzeria, and the animatronics come to life. This also has the effect of the human, prepping him for the creatures roaming the place to get to him. Would he choose to try to fend himself, or let the cursed robots ravish his new body?

God Forgives, Dragons Kill
Drakengard- OC x OC
C1 is a branded heretic, once a powerful force for the Church and now turned against them. He made a pact with a dragon, a suitable weapon to cause destruction across the land.

The Gift of Surrender
Zelda- Ganondorf x Futa!Link
Link,the hero has failed to save Hyrule from Ganondorf, and as consequence, he has been captured. The new king has plans for the hero, he decided to turn him into his wife, and ensure a bright future for the kingdom. With a powerful spell, he turns Link into the perfect wife.

The Lightening Legacy
Harry Potter- Harry x Draco
It has been 7 years since the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter is an Auror for is Ministry, and trying to live a somewhat normal life. Its hard to achieve such a thing when he is hailed as the hero who defeated the Dark Lord himself, plus he has been seeing weird signs. There is a secret cult of witches and wizards that worship Harry as being the chosen one as he dons the Lightening Scar and his defeat of Voldemort, so they worship him. Harry doesn't appreciate this, and even less so when they start to increase their insistence on continuing his legacy.

Sights Set
Demon!76 x Commander!Reaper
Gabriel never believed in a world outside of the physical, until he was proven wrong when he meets the Red Eye King, Jack. He is now being hunted by said king, dead set on making the commander of Overwatch his mate. Gabe isn't having any of it, but how long can he really resist the handsome king?

Golden Stardust
JJBA- Jouta x Brando!Giorno
20 years ago, Dio Brando and his followers massacred the entire Joestar family, or so he thought as Noriaki and a few close friends manage to escape and went into hiding. He has a son, Jouta, and gave him a sheltered life to keep him safe. Jouta never knew about what has happened to his family, but has developed a strange power, a vision of his will power started to manifest and made him a target. He is helped by an unlikely ally, a young man named Giorno Giovanna that also have strange powers. They have to work together to battle the forces of Dio to protect the ones they love, and hopefully end the curse.

Fallen Star
JJBA- Supernatural!Jotaro x Kakyion, Vampire!Giorno x Jouta
The Joestar and Brando family are wealthy clans of supernatural beings. 15 years ago, Noriaki was forced to be a concubine to Jonathan Joestar, but has a secret relationship with his brother Jotaro. He helped him escape and move far away and gave birth to Jouta. He protected his son, waiting for Jotaro to find him before Jonathan does. In the meanwhile, Jouta caught the eye of a vampire named Giorno, son of DIO Brando.

Dragon Power
JJBA- Dragon!Jojos x Human!Jobros
The dragons are the dominate species of the planet, and living together with humans as they are slowly rising to prominence. The Joestar family are a family of dragons, and has three heirs who are powerful and could take over the family one day. However, they are fell in love with lowly humans unexpectingly, and how it is the beginning of something bizarre.
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