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General RP Goody Two Shoes Gone Rouge (Vis)

Name: Lio Cruz
Age: 18
Sex: male (he doesn't give a shit what anyone calls him)

Lio had been woken up early by his parents yelling. As he looked at the time, he growls and slowly sits up. "It is 5 in the morning. The fuck is wrong with these jerks." He slowly gets himself dressed and slips by his screaming parents out the door. It was entirely too early for that shit. Once Lio was outside, he rolls his eyes and makes his way to school.
(Oop tea-)

Just as Lio makes it to school, an asshole starts trying to pick a fight with him. Every comment and snarky remark pushed Lio further and further into a rage.

"Hey pretty boy! What'd new scars did ya get?! You sellin' any drugs!? Hah! No wonder your parents don't love yo-" just as the boy was about to finish his sentence, Lio was already on top of him throwing punch after punch. In no time at all, a crowd had started to form.
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