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RP Hunt Hunting! Flexible plots (FxF/FxM/FxNB)

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Sep 24, 2023
Hello there everyone! I’m peeking my head in here to search for RP. If you’re interested please do reach out anytime! I love nothing more than to meet folks and talk RP!

I only write 3rd person past tense and my reply lengths vary from 2-5+ paragraphs depending on the situation and on partner preference. I’m not a stickler for word counts, but prefer partners who usually put in at least a solid couple paragraphs.
Expect response times from me anywhere between 1-5 days depending on how busy my week is. If I’m held up by something and ever feel I’m going to be longer than a week I’ll always do my best to give a warning! I am very patient and 100% get that life > RP and do not pressure partners on response time.

I pretty much exclusively play F characters and have a preference for FxF pairings, but am good to run FxM and FxNB! I only play OC’s myself but am down to play in some canon universes.

I often like some NSFW sprinkled into my RP’s but absolutely do not require it if my partner has no interest! I normally run more plot-focused stories, but don’t mind picking up a sole ERP here and there sometimes.
Being totally honest, there’s a WHOLE lot more stuff I’m into than stuff I’m not into! Some things off the top of my head that I think are neat are size difference, bdsm, maybe a pinch of sadism/masochism, and definitely classic monsterfucker stuff- feel free to ask about whatever because there’s a 90% chance I’m down to run it!
All that said, I’m also in love with physical intimacy being made out of just really strong character connection! It 1000% doesn’t have to be kinky, sometimes just a really nice intimate moment with characters I think is awesome!
When it comes to things I’m not into writing for - no ageplay or anything about the trope where a character looks like a kid but is an adult. Nothing unsanitary like scat, pee, or vomit. I’m not really into writing feet or pits. Nothing involving beastiality (like Werewolves are fine by me but a straight up dog would not be). Not into incest, including step-relatives! May add more later if I think of em, but these are the definite no’s for what I’ll write just off the top of my head!

Some plot threads - HMU if you’re interested in picking one up and developing it or if you’ve got your own ideas you want to try! I’m willing to play either part of the pair in all the listed ideas. I’m very open to any plots you may have, these are just some light jumping off points!

- Human x Human
A ship crashes (could be any ship! Maybe a transport vessel that got space-mugged? A pirate ship that went down in a fight? An unlucky passenger ship?). Suddenly two of the people on it find themselves stranded on an unknown planet - how are they gonna make it??
- Human x Alien
Similar to the plot above, but the ship is actually an alien ship carrying human cargo! For what? Maybe research - or conservation even? Regardless, this thing hits some rough space-air and goes down, stranding one of the alien crew alongside the (probably very confused) human! Strange times ensue as the two of them have to figure out not just communication, but survival.
Literally any combo of any kind of supernatural beings and humans will generally have me interested! Love me some demons/angels/dieties/vampires/werewolves/etc.!
- Human x Vampire
A Vampire, sitting upon hoards of wealth atop a fancy castle is gifted tribute of some poor, unfortunate human… certainly a setup that’s been seen before, but it’s a classic for a reason!
- Human Hunter x Supernatural Being
A human, perhaps on purpose in a world where supernatural beings are hunted or maybe via accident like snagging them in a bear trap or something, ensnares a supernatural entity (could be anything! Werewolf, vampire, mer-person, shapeshifter, demon, angel, etc.), captures something nonhuman. Perhaps they struggle with feeling they should turn in or kill what may be considered monstrous? But perhaps they can’t go through with it and end up freeing the trapped and bonding, maybe even working to keep them safe from other humans that may pursue them?
*Could also be reversed as a supernatural being hunting and catching a human, only to be unable to kill ‘em’
Just like the supernatural realm which a lotta this stuff intersects with, I’m hooked easily into almost any kind of fantasy pairing! Always lots of love for mer-people/orcs/elves/wizards/etc. of the fantasy world! I do play DND and am fine with dnd-like characters, terms, and plots!
I don’t have anything specific here yet, but may add more sometime!
Some stuff that could fit into a lot of different settings and plots, or just stuff where I think the pair could be fun but don’t have any initial idea pitches for!
  • Bodyguard/knight/protector x person they’re supposed to be protecting
  • Always a sucker for fun opposite pairs like Angel x Demon & Life x Death
  • Would also love to do something in some kind of apocalyptic/survivor kind of vein!

If anything else pops into my head I’ll add more! But again these are all very loose concepts just to see if anything sparks inspiration, I love getting to build ideas with partners! Bring on any ideas you’ve got, let me know if any of these catch your eye, or we could just build something totally new!

*And this is just one final personal caveat of mine, I’m not interested in AI writing. I’m here to build some fun stories with people, not for any AI generated responses. I similarly don’t like AI art and don’t have any interest in playing an RP with either of those things being used in any capacity.
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Nov 10, 2022
My dudes, I have to say, your post here got my rp senses bubbling with excitement ! I'm mostly interested in the supernatural, and tbh I don't think I rp any other genre XD And supernatural / apocalyptic.. yeah, I'd be down too tbh. For DND though.. we have a DND rp section that needs much love (it has dice rolling involved too!) And I think @Knight_of_None is your best bet here :3
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