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RP Hunt Hunting For A New Partner

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May 20, 2024
Hi, hello!

My name's Trepidation and I'm looking for a new partner. I'll be posting a prompt idea here, but, I'm open to discussing new plots and ideas! Everything here is subject to change and the more input I get from my partner the better. I'd love to build a world together so that we can both be happy with the setting within which we write.

~~About Me~~

I can't promise to be the most active person around due to real life commitments, but, I do try and avoid ghosting people. So, I'll reply eventually. It might take a couple of days, but, I'll be back. And if I'm too busy to continue the RP (Or just lose interest), I'll let you know.

I try to match my partner in length, but, generally, I aim for three paragraphs per post. Sometimes a scene requires less, sometimes I'm really into a story so I'll write way more. Depends on the story really. But I won't be sending one liners and I quickly lose interest if my partner does nothing but that.

Since I love world building, expect custom built settings and characters. Like I said, I'd love to build something both of us can enjoy. Which means that I love talking along side the story to discuss the current scene or future scene ideas.

I'm comfortable with writing as either a guy or a girl. And I am looking for a healthy dose of lewdity alongside story and substance.


A world ruled by incredibly powerful corporations pushed the limits of technology just a little too far. In an attempt at harnessing a new power source, an experiment accidently parts the veil between realities, sending out a beacon to all the flesh starved deities in the dark between worlds.

The incredibly technologically advanced world suddenly finds itself under attack by what can only be described as eldritch horrors once believed to be nothing more than the ravings of a mad mind. But, the invasion does bring its own boons for by attracting the gaze of these horrors, the world planted the seeds of a new fundamental force of nature; magic.

Our characters can be whatever we want them to be, literally anything. The level of technology here will let our characters appear as anything they want. From sentient machines to half-human hybrids. I plan on having the tech level allow for powerful hardware and cyberware all the way to extreme genetic manipulation. So, expect a lot of... weird stuff. Especially with the eldritch invasion.

The invasion itself can be anything from a lucrative, yet dangerous, opportunity all the way to an actual apocalyptic end of the world scenario. I personally aim for a ramping up sense of danger, like the early days of a zombie apocalypse. Monsters wouldn't be as much of a shock in our post-human world where people turn themselves into whatever they can imagine if they have the money for it, but, monsters attacking people wherever they see them is new. At first people think it's isolated incidents, maybe a new drug gone bad, etc. But as more and more 'incidents' occur, the norm shifts. Panic starts to swell. And magic starts to really mess things up too. Wild magic surges are explained away as new tech, but, as it continues to grow it becomes harder and harder to explain away.

Our characters start off living their relatively normal lives but eventually they'll be living in an apocalyptic world surrounded by eldritch horrors that tug at their very sanity. Tech starts to break down and fail, resources get harder and harder to find, magic permeates everything and starts messing stuff up more and more.

In a fantastic world full of magic and meddling gods, our adventuring party stumbles into a real mess. A simple quest to clear a newly established dungeon ends with the party down a few members and the remainder cursed. Some gained powerful magical items that come with detrimental effects, others stumbled into curse filled traps. Either way, the survivors are now forced to deal with their curses while trying to gather enough money to undo the damned things.

How far will you go when you're desperate?

The story focuses on a girl who, for whatever reason, is desperate. She barely makes ends meet as is, but, now she's lost her job. Her grades were already slipping, but now she's been threatened with expulsion if she doesn't turn it around. Be it due to distance or abuse, but, she's unable to lean on anyone else for help. In a matter of days, her already difficult situation became impossible. Her life, as she knew it, would be over.

Here, the story can take a handful of paths. The main one I had in mind was for her to end up venting to an online friend she just met and having that online friend offer her a deal she can't refuse. Move in with him, let him finance her life, and in turn she'll be responsible for maintaining the home. Another, similar path, results in the girl reaching out and looking for a sort of sugar daddy. Someone that's willing to finance her in return for favors. In either path, the story develops into a Dom/sub relationship.
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