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RP Hunt if you wanna rp with me please read this first

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8:45 AM
May 13, 2023
im a sub and these are my bdsm test results so please be mindful of this when playing with me
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
92% Submissive
88% Boy/Girl (as in i have a little space)
87% Ageplayer
83% Rope bunny
82% Pet
74% Primal (Prey)
73% Experimentalist
72% Brat
69% Slave
66% Degradee
62% Exhibitionist
58% Masochist
55% Non-monogamist
45% Vanilla
42% Voyeur
27% Switch
27% Owner
26% Rigger
23% Primal (Hunter)
22% Master/Mistress
16% Dominant
13% Sadist
13% Degrader
12% Brat tamer
9% Daddy/Mommy
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