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RP Hunt insane asylum roleplay

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9:58 AM
Jan 17, 2023
Hi I'm Georgie I'm new to this app so bit lost, but i am looking for someone for a insane asylum roleplay. I like detail and at least a few sentences on each reply just keeps the flow going, I don't mind long term because theres more a story line out of it. I can explain much more and answer any questions needed if anyone is intrested:)
I'm also on kik sometimes its just a bit easier to be on there. My kik Is ( Georgie2023)
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1:58 AM
Nov 10, 2022
Hi and welcome! I know the navigation will take a bit to get used to, but don’t forget to click the links in your pms from me! That will lead you to the discord invite and our official introduction thread :) (the pms are the message icon up top of the browser) also don’t know how the app works because I don’t have a supported device unfortunately
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