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RP Hunt Interested in a Dom x Sub type of Rp

Feb 13, 2023
Hey im Shin and ive been in the mood for some Pairings with me as Dom and someone as the sub. These Rps would be MxF as this is the only type of pairing that im ok with. With that out of the way heres some of my pairings that im interested in

Theif x Princess
Boss x Secretary
King x Maid
Hunter x Hunted (furry option)
Wizard x Demon
Demon x Nun
Vampire x Nun
Bully x Nerd

Dragon X Knight
Office worker x Sex worker
Mafia boss X civilian
Nerd x Popular girl
Maid X Rich guy
Student (18+) x Teacher

Magic teacher x Magic student (18+)
Android x Scientist
Office worker x Boss
Police Officer x Crook

Sugar Daddy x College student
CEO X Street worker
CEO x Stripper
Mafia Boss x Person In Debt
Hunter x Pray
Space Explorer x Alien

If you have any other pairings you would like to offer on the table let me know
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