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RP Hunt Just Looking For a New Partner(s)

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4:26 AM
Dec 15, 2023
Welcome, Welcome.

I’m just looking for some other people to write with, because what’s the fun of being on a RolePlaying site and not RolePlaying?

I’m up for pretty much anything, so here’s a bit about ’me’.

I’ve been RPing for a while now and have long since moved passed one-liner RP (Though I am perfectly fine with doing one-liners)
I typically write in third person, as it’s easiest for me to re-read and understand (though I will take a gambit at trying first person)
I prefer writing in Supernatural/Fantasy worlds, though I can also do regular worlds (I suck at sci-fi)
Typically, when doing romance/smut, I’m the bottom character (I have tried to write a top. . . But it only works out in my own personal stories somehow- XD)
As well I’m best with MxM parings, I can do MxF (I would prefer to be the female), but I can’t really do FxF

If you want to talk about starting a thread, just send me a PM, and we can discuss further.
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