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RP Hunt Looking for canon roleplays

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4:44 PM
Feb 28, 2023
Hello everyone! My name is Ruby, I'm a 27 year old trans man, looking for roleplays.
My main focus right now is canon muses, I will list here all the fandoms I have muses for right now, who I RP as, and who I want to RP(The more * the more I want to RP that muse)
I love shipping, especially bxb shippings, so please, don't be shy. I don't mind you being OC but my muse for my own OCs is almost 0.

One Piece *****:
Monkey D. Luffy****
Trafalgar Law ***
Charlotte Katakuri **
Roronoa Zoro ***
Yamato ****
Portgas D. Ace *
Dracule Mihawk **

Dream Daddy ***:
Robert Small **
Damien Bloodmarch**
Mary Christiansen*
Joseph Christiansen
Brian Harding *
Craig Cahn ***

My Hero Academia:
Aizawa Shota

Demon Slayer**:
Tengen Uzui**

Detroit Become Human**:
Connor **

Alexander Hamilton
John Laurens*
George Washingon

I'm open to ideas, and many different shippings, please DM me :)
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