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Dec 15, 2023
Last Updated: 3/16/2024

A Little About Me

Hello. I'm Rhys, nice to meet anyone who dare read this far and dare singe their fingers (or mouse tip) by clicking on this page. I hope I don't chase you away, and maybe we can writ a great story together!
I'm a decent age, (clearly above 18) but not going to share my age. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, and tend to think I'm very good at it. I've been roleplaying since I was twelve. I found the experience fun and enjoy writing stories with others.
I am a sucker for romance, almost every book on my shelf has some sort of romance to the plot, as well as magic. I am not obsessed with just romance though, and tend to enjoy books where the romance is not the main focus, but a sub plot, or maybe equally important as the other side of the coin.

I have ADHD and can get a little bouncy sometimes, and can maybe get a little impatient and annoying sometimes. . . which leads to some habits I have.
  1. I tend to want to chat out side the RP. Whether its about the story or about random shit my pets did, I'm a chatter. If this bothers you, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will do my best not to bother you with my ceaseless chatter boxing. . . or chatter messaging.
  2. I can hype fixate on one thread for a few hours to a few days. Knowing this about myself, I am very open to bumped threads or a PM letting me know that it's my turn. I can get wrapped up in a new thread I just started and completely forget about my previous ones. Though I do bookmark the first post to every thread and check this list a few times a day, I can still sometimes think I responded and not check the thread.
  3. I tend to get inpatient when I have nothing else to do. If I have a boring day ahead of me, or currently have nothing else to occupy me, which does happen quite frequently, I find myself relentlessly checking threads and I may send you a message out of the blue telling you about something stupid one of my fur babies did today in an attempt to lessen the boredom.
  4. I tend to reply right away. I am usually online from 8-9 (with breaks throughout the day) on the weeks days and on weekends noon-9 (All this my time). If I'm online the likely hood of me immediately replying is very high. The only reason I may not is I get distracted, or don't know what to put down.
  5. I forget things. A lot. While I may not forget about the thread, I may forget important details such as character history and background. I tend to use the same characters, and will sometimes make new ones. But all of my characters that I've already made are versatile and are easily molded to a new world and I just change up their backstory a bit. I can forget these details, as well as whether my character crossed the room six posts ago. And most of the time, I don't think about it until I go back and reread a few hours later.
Now, those are some of my habits I've noticed and I don't think they would particularly bother many people (Except the chatter messaging) but if it does let me know and I will do my best to remember you don't like it.

My Role Play Experience/Habits
I have been roleplaying for a while now. I started when I was twelve and have failed many times to put the habit down. I have many stories and threads under my belt, and hopefully, many more left to come. I have written from historical fiction all the way to supernatural stories, either one on one or in groups as big as six other people.
When I was maybe eight or nine, I got into D&D. (So I guess you could say I've been roleplaying a little longer. . .) I love the dice and the great worlds I made together with my friends, but I also love writing. Discussing the story and where it will go and not always leaving the negative experiences to the dice.

I write in the third person only, with the exception of journal entries or letters. I will RP with someone who writes in the first person, but I will most likely not try anything that I haven't written before with you. I'm not 100% comfortable with writing smut in the fist person (Even if it's just my partner). . . so- yeah. Limited options if you are a fist person writer.

Grammar is very important to me. I have a hard time enjoying the RP if someone uses texting lingo in their reply. I don't always understand it (Yes, I'm the person to send paragraphs as texts XD) and I hate having to puzzle it together. I can deal with a slight lack of punctuation and some spelling errors (Yes, I understand the attack of the auto correct), but please don't make it a habit.

Parings I'm Comfortable With
Gender Parings
100%) MxM (For some reason, as a bi female, I write gay smut more comfortably than I do anything else.)
75%) MxF (Hetero is not my strong suit, but I can do it if I am the female.)
5%) FxF (I don't know what happens here, my brain usually blanks when I try this)

Couple Tropes
Enemies to lovers
Best friends to lovers
Last Survivors
FWB to lovers

Couple Parings
( * My preferred role)

Demon Lord x Slave*
Prince x Commoner*
Prince x Foreign Prince*
Master x Slave*
Bully x Bullied*
Business Owner x Rival Business Owner*
Rich Son (New Money) x Rich Son (Old Money)

And in case you can't really tell. . . I much prefer the sub role. : D
No, I do not just write smut. I am perfectly fine with writing a story with no romance or smut, or maybe one without the other. Those are just my preferred parings and such. I am always happy to discuss more.

Idea's I'm Craving

None at the moment :D

My Yes's and My No's (In kinks/smut) (Please keep in mind this is just an overview of what Im comfortable writing, not detailed)
(Work in Progress)

  • Air Play
  • Insults/Degrading
  • Marking/Biting
  • Tentacles
  • Bodily Waste Play
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Good RT Rhy. I tried to post on your profile but can't. So I wanted to say ADHD can be hard to control and I'm 35. So I get that when you have nothing to do I get how you can get impatient if there isn't anything to keep you busy.
Local Time:
4:20 AM
Dec 15, 2023
Good RT Rhy. I tried to post on your profile but can't. So I wanted to say ADHD can be hard to control and I'm 35. So I get that when you have nothing to do I get how you can get impatient if there isn't anything to keep you busy.
Yeah, only people I follow can post on my profile


Agreed I had an altercation with a member my first day here. I won't go into detail but they both helped me resolve it.
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