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Only Love Can Lift A God (Open)

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9:43 PM
Nov 9, 2022
The God's, beings beyond Nortal understanding, older than worlds, powered by the stuff of belief and devotion, always strive to protect their spaces and uphold a balance. To cross then was akin to an act of great dishonor, and conflict...so when the Tale of Anaresh, The God of passion, and desire had slithered his way into the temples of Zues, and seduced his kings priestess, the punishment was high. His mother, Aphordite had pleaded the King of the Gods frim casting him into the pits of Hades to Toil, into something more fitting. Anaresh had little value for such a thing as love or care, but to cast him onto earth, and have his task be to find a mortal and draw them, not in lust but to bring them to fall in love with him...very well could make the young God know the error in his ways. They bound his powers, stripping him of his titles and cast his Lyre, Jo's favored item to the far reaches of the earth, before dropping home from the side of Olympus, leaving him to plummet to the clutches of the uncaring earth.
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