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Passion in the Mansion (A group RP)

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6:01 AM
Nov 9, 2022
Some say that love is dead, and all there is left is a sea of hookups with ever-middling results. Perhaps you struggled the same, or maybe you've been working too hard or resigned from the battlefield of romance. But you've received an invitation to a place for those seeking a connection. A letter appeared in the mail, and despite your confusion, you took the chance or were lucky enough to have someone sign you up anyway—a vacation to a far-off mansion retreat with other wandering hearts.

The Mansion and its surrounding property were massive, floor atop floors, it had to be 10 floors total, with a fully operational staff like a hotel. It was old and carried itself with pride and prestige, from the times past. Gardeners tended a massive garden and greenhouse, with budding spring flowers opening slowly to greet you. An old couple waddled together down the front stairs, all smiles and wrinkles, but they brimmed with a calm, happy spirit. The owners of this little vacation spot.
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