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RP Hunt Quality Writing, looking for 1x1?

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Feb 5, 2024
hi this is my first time returning to RP sites in a few years and i wanna get back into it.
MxM only, will play as top, bottom, or interchangeable.
I AM AN ADULT LOOKING TO PARTICIPATE IN ADULT ROLEPLAY WITH OTHER ADULTS. if you are a minor i have NO INTEREST in talking to you whatsoever.
(skip to the very bottom to read general info about me!)

looking for CONSISTENT partners only. i have a day job and wont always be available but im not interested in messaging people who might only respond once a week.
multiple times a day would be cool but im ok with just once-per-day responses at the very least.

IM A THIRD PERSON ROLEPLAYER! past/present tense doesnt matter to me, but i DO NOT participate in first person roleplay.
you must have good grammar and spelling, this is not negotiable. i dont really care about capitalization, and i make spelling errors often - but if you dont know how to spell words like "problematic" or "anticipation" or "substitute", we are not going to work out as partners. i can only work with people who are good at spelling sizeable words consistently. if you cant spell words bigger than 5 letters, its not gonna work. and also, if you cant translate it when words get messed up, like "amszing" or "oblibious", then we will not work well. i am prone to making small typing errors, and although i do my best to catch them, i would appreciate a writing partner who wont rake me over the coals for my tiny errors that are easily overlook-able.
as far as grammar goes, im not a stickler but you have got to be comprehensible.
if you dont understand how to stick to one tense while youre writing, we cant be partners. im not saying you have to be ADVANCED in writing, but if you dont completely understand english grammar, its not gonna work out.
im not trying to be a dick i just only desire writing with people who share my same basic capabilities.

also, im not a stickler about short/long paragraphs. sometimes the storyline calls for multiple, very long and very descriptive entries. sometimes the storyline only calls for a few word entries. what i cant deal with is if every single response from you is one or two sentenced all the time no matter what. if you dont put in the same amount of effort that i do into the entries in the long run, then im just gonna stop responding. no one likes a dry texter, but a dry roleplayer is like torture.

lastly, i am very particular when it comes to OOC chats. once we start the story, if you need to chat with me outside the story, PLEASE use brackets of some kind, every time. it helps me keep track of where our story is to know with certainty when youre talking to me like a normal person, outside the RP.if youre constantly breaking the flow of information, and youre not even using brackets, its gonna get on my nerves pretty quickly. i really dont like being an asshole in the middle of a story, so thats why in laying everything out as bluntly as i can here.


OC's are totally fine with me! i'm always happy to start completely original stories and worlds. i am ALWAYS happy to come up with lore for a new story.im cool with fictional non-fiction stories, and also old-magic fantasy stories.im ok with real-world magic stories and period pieces too. im cool with mostly anything as long as it isnt sci-fi, thats really not my schtick.


here are canon universes im comfortable writing in, with original characters:

× Naruto
× My Hero Academia
× Corpse Party
× Total Drama Island
× Avatar The Last Airbender
× Soul Eater
× Gravity Falls
× Dungeons and Dragons
× Harry Potter

for non-OC roleplay, here are all the pre-established character pairings i am willing to play! all of these are interchangeable for me, i can play either character.


Gaara x Rock Lee (Naruto)
Gaara x Naruto (Naruto)
Soul x Kid (Soul Eater)
Stein x Spirit (Soul Eater)
Kyoya x Tamaki (Ouran Highschool Host Club)
Shinso x Kaminari (My Hero Academia)
Marshall Lee x Prince Gumball (Adventure Time)
Zuko x Jet (Avatar)
Zuko x Sokka (Avatar)
Light x L (Death Note)
Noctis x Prompto (FFXV)
Noctis x Ignis (FFXV)
Ignis x Prompto (FFXV)
Sal x Larry (Sally Face)
Robin x Aqualad (Teen Titans)
Thor x Loki (Marvel)


(these are things i will always 100% be down for no questions asked. anything not on this list is likely to be negotiable or something im cool with but didnt think of.)

× size difference
× rope play
× vampirism/blood play
× nekos
× fantasy
× omegaverse
× toys
× cross dressing
× hate/aggressive sex
× plot what plot
× HEAVY plot
× twinks/femboys
× pairing tropes
× survival fiction

(these are things i am not ever interested in, and these are not negotiable. if you want to write anything listed below, DO NOT MESSAGE ME)

× first person perspective
× sci-fi
× mpreg
× inflation
× furry
× bara
× lolicon
× age play
× egg laying
× rape/non-con
× vore
× humiliation and degradation
× blood related incest
× ugly bastard/monster
× selfcest
× trans sex
× watersports, feces, diapers, etc
× force feeding
× feet stuff
× male breastmilk
× oedipus complexes
x necrophilia
x beastiality



you can call me Rats, im 8,246 years old (which is roughly 22 in human years), and ive been roleplaying for a very long time. i started roleplaying on Quotev, then on IMVU, then on Kik and over email - and eventually i found myself bouncing around on different roleplay sites like this one, looking for fun partners.i will be upfront and honest with ya, i have bipolar depression and ADHD. i will always try my best to be honest and up front with you as my writing partner about stuff going on in my life, when im working and cant respond, etc etc.sometimes though, it just gets away from me. hope ya understand, and if not, its all good.we're just a couple of dudes writing smut together, amiright?
anyway hmu if we seem like a good match! :D
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