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3:33 AM
Oct 13, 2023
Hi! I'm Exiled Survivor with my trusty OC Blackblood. I'm looking for a Fantasy rp that can get a little "Spicy" Now, I don't have a specific plot in mind though i am partial to an idea i had ages ago on another rp forum, But i also have a ton of pairings I would like to try. They are as follows

Vampire x Human
Demon x Angel
Vampire x Werewolf
Dragon x Human
Elf x Human
Elf x Demon
Angel x Human
Demon x Human
Kitsune x Human
Elf x Dragon
Dragon x Wyvern
Demon x Dragon

There's also some role rps i would like to do and we can do a mixture of plots for these

Slave x Master
Pirate captain x Deckhand
Hero x Villain

I tend to steer away from M x M but will happily do F x F or FxM
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6:33 PM
Apr 11, 2023
also....best advice is to put yourself in your character's position....how does she feel as her clothes are being stripped from her body? does she feel fear and humiliation when naked? when bound and gagged, have her struggle....in real life most victims won't just lay there or stay in place; most will struggle like crazy trying to escape. When being violated with dildos or plugs....in real life most women wouldn't want it to happen to them, neither would I expect your character to either. Try to leave me a paragraph or more, I hate one or two line posts, that shows to me that your'e not that interested
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3:33 AM
Oct 31, 2023
Name: Alora Stone
Age: 22
Body type: 5'5, small waist, big breasts and plump ass with long brown hair that flows down to the middle of her back with emerald green eyes
Place of Kidnapping: getting into her car after work

Alora sighs heavily and runs her fingers through her hair after a long day at the office as her white button up shirt hugs her breasts tightly feeling like she will burst out of the delicate fabric at any moment as the buttons strain to stay closed, while her short tight pencil skirt cinches in her already tiny waist feeling like she is being tied up with rope. Her black high heels click softly on the concrete as she walks through the parking structure carrying her purse while her chest and ass jiggle with each step making her feel a little sexier than normal. Black eyeliner darkens the appearance of her eyes making them looked smoked out as her red lipstick emphasizes her soft plump lips that are just begging to be used for more than just kissing. As she walks to her car she can hear someone walking behind her as the hairs on the back of her neck rise. She takes a deep breath trying to remain calm as she continues walking towards her car. As the footsteps behind her get closer, her mind begins to races, wondering who might be following her and what their intentions are as she looks down into her purse and struggles to find her keys. As the fear in Alora rises, her hands begin to shake and her forehead and cleavage sweat, making it harder to focus on finding her keys while the footsteps grow nearer before she suddenly feels someone grab her arm and twist it behind her back as another hand covers her mouth.
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