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Sad news

Hello all. I'm sorry to inform you guys but rp mansion has been blocked on the device I use for it. It is a school issued iPad my high school gives us, so they have most control over it and the sites we can use. I sadly will also not be able to log on here on my phone since its currently broken and can't connect to any internet. I sadly have very little money to buy a new phone at the moment, so until I get enough money, I will only be on here an hour in the mornings and an hour in the afternoon after school or work. (Or longer depending on the day)

For those of you I'm role-playing with, I am happy to send my gmail so we can continue our rp somewhere else I'm able to access, or, my replies will be extremely slow and limited. I do apologize to all of you, especially friends, who were looking forward to roleplays, but I do promise that once I can, I'm buying myself a new phone so I can come back and cause more chaos. I love you guys bunches! Thank you for all your kindness and love! If need be, I'll speak through @Firestarter if the poor girl lets me XD


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Nov 10, 2022
Holy shit dude, that's not fun tbh. I hope everything gets figured out in the end! Don't worry too much about the rp we just started, I don't mind waiting until better conditions arise (or we can go through how you mentioned too. I'll pm you my email for you to contact!)
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