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RP Hunt Seeking Dark Romantic Partners {Originals & Fandoms Inside}

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~ A Brief Introduction ~

Greetings and salutations; it's lovely to meet you! As the title states, I'm currently in the mood for any dark, gothic atmospheric (original & fandom) stories featuring a rollercoaster full of emotional drama, interesting plot twists, intense action/suspense, deliciously sensual romance, and gritty mysteries.

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~ Rules & Requirements ~

- Writing & Paragraph Length: Please no one-liners or small, short paragraphs. I'm a multi-paragraph, third-person POV roleplayer. I typically write anywhere from 4-10+ solid-size paragraphs per post and per character. So, with that said, I'm seeking partners who can write in the third-person POV perspective in paragraph format and who can easily match my post length.

- Plot-Centric Settings: Normally, I prefer story-centric romantic/sensual settings; but on occasion-- I don't mind dabbling in more steamy/erotic story-telling... just as long there's a plot.

- Skill Level: I'm usually seeking only intermediate/advanced writers– but I'm not opposed to accepting partners who are beginners/new to roleplaying.

- Roles & Doubling: I can write both male and female characters– including doubling (if you're not entirely sure what that implies, it just means we both play each other's love interests alongside our main characters). I hope that makes sense, and it'd be nice if we could double up when we do roleplay; I find it's easier and more fun! :) Also, please put in the effort to balance out your characters if we do decide to double.

- Pairings: I'm only seeking MxF (or MxFxM) romantic pairings.

- Brainstorming: If planning to contact me to roleplay, please don't just say 'Want to rp?' I will ignore these. Tell me a little about yourself as a partner, your RP interests, and your ideas. Also, please participate in our planning process; I love bouncing ideas/suggestions back and forth with my partner(s).

- Character Sheets: Optional; it's entirely up to my partner(s)!

- Character Age & Age Gaps: I want to focus and explore solely on older characters when it comes to writing them (which means I will most likely turn down anyone whose character(s) are younger than twenty-five). I'm getting to the point where I'm getting burned out by playing as/against characters in their early twenties in any romantic scenarios/settings. As for age gaps, I don't mind characters having a 10-12-year gap between them (anything more than that will be a hard pass for me).

- Character Personalities/Traits/Types: I enjoy writing/playing against morally grey/deeply flawed, dark, reclusive characters and sometimes the occasional quiet ones (female characters only for the latter). Also, please know that I am not interested in portraying damsel-in-distress female characters, nor am I interested/comfortable in portraying or romanticizing mentally/criminally insane individuals.

- Character Play-Bys: I'd prefer (and my partner too) to use realistic (celebrity/model) face claims for character appearance only, but I'm not against just a written description. Also, let me know if you, my dear potential partner(s) would like me to use a desired female/male face claim of your choosing!

- OOC & Misc: Please be OOC-friendly! I suffer from social anxiety and severe depression– so there will be days when I'm not feeling productive or social; so please be understanding and patient when waiting for a reply from me. If I haven't replied in more than a week, please send me a friendly reminder.

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Romance/Slow Burn
Intelligent Partners
MxF or MxFxM
Dominate/Alpha Men
Athletic Build
Mirror Play
Rough/Passionate Sex
Spanking (Receiving)
Biting (Vampire)
Sexual Frustration/Denial
Vanilla Sex
Light/Medium Bondage
Pregnancy/Risk of Pregnancy


Sexual Torture
Bathroom Play/Watersports
Incest/Forced Incest
Male Pregnancy
Submissive Men
Unrealistic Body Types/Sizes
Anime Physics/Furries

Romance/Heat Level: 💋💋
Idea #1 - {Set in the golden Hollywood era} A disgraced Hollywood actress (and former socialite) (MC) reluctantly teams up with a homicide detective (YC) to try and solve the murder of a young Hollywood starlet who was found dead, supposedly drowned in the swimming pool at an elite country club in upstate New York.

Romance/Heat Level: 💋💋💋
Idea #2 - {Set in the late 1800s/Edwardian or the present; The Conjuring Universe-Inspired} A well-respected husband (YC) and wife (MC) team of paranormal investigators is called in to help solve the most chilling and terrifying opened and (sometimes) cold cases.

Romance/Heat Level: 💋💋💋
Idea #3 - {Set in the present} A struggling novelist (MC) unbeknownst to her-- suddenly inherits a beautiful Queen Anne Victorian mansion from a deceased eccentric distant relative who was once a well-renowned psychic medium. It is said that the grounds and the home are said to be haunted by multiple ghostly inhabitants...but the new owner is a skeptic and doesn't believe in anything that goes 'bump in the night' until she finds the skeletal remains of a decorated American Civil War Captain (YC), who disappeared on the eve of his wedding day in the summer of 1866, after stumbling across a secret room in the greenhouse on the property. It seems the captain has imprinted on her and won't leave her be, but she soon learns that the ruggedly handsome Civil War soldier isn't the only one she innocently released.

Romance/Heat Level: 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Idea #4 - {Set in the late 1800s; MxFxM; Penny Dreadful meets Deadwood} A beautiful, wealthy English heiress (the only known human/vampire hybrid) (MC) follows the trail of bodies left behind by her sadistic sire who enjoys leaving strange markings/symbols on his victims for her to find and solve. She is hellbent on tracking him down to end this macabre game of cat-and-mouse and soon finds herself in the American West. When she reaches her destination, she's a bit overwhelmed, and she reluctantly teams up with the local ruggedly, brooding handsome lawman and the wickedly charming Scottish outlaw/gambler-- who both harbor dark secrets and are more than happy to share her.

Romance/Heat Level: 🥵🥵🥵🥵
Idea #5 - {Set in the present; Mission Impossible-Inspired} An elite assassin (MC) and a seasoned field operative (YC) join forces to stop a once-renowned scientist-- now turned bio-terrorist, from amassing a global-scale attack.

I'm not interested in doubling up as female canons except for MoK

- MCU/Infinity Saga (Canon x OC only)
My knowledge is based on the films only, and I'm also not familiar with any of the Disney + shows except for Hawkeye
{Seeking Clint Barton/Hawkeye}
Steve Rogers/Captain America, Thor Odinson, or Loki

- DC/Batman (Canon x OC or OC x OC)
{Seeking a male vigilante or homicide detective}
Bale's Batman or Pattinson's Batman

- The Mission Impossible Franchise (Canon x OC only)
I've seen 1, 3, 4, & 5
{Seeking William Brandt}
Ethan Hunt

- Harry Potter (OC x OC only)
{Seeking a former dark wizard, a retired Auror, or a Muggle detective inspector}

- Mayor of Kingstown (Canon x Canon or Canon x OC)
I don't mind pairing Mike up with Rebecca or a female OC
{Seeking Mike McLusky}
Kyle McLusky


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