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Mar 31, 2024
heya ! you can call me HANNA ! i'm a 21+ year old writer with 15+ years of rp experience and i'm seeking out partners who are interested in romance and mature storylines. i'm very new to the website, so please bear with me as i figure my way around, but my messages are always open, if you're interested in discussing. right now, i'm looking for mlf with me writing the female counterpart. i can write canon characters, or my oc's, your pick ! your muse can be canon or original as well ! send in your characters or your ideas for a new one ! i like to write para / multipara, third person. past tense. i tend to format alot, but you don't need to do the same. it's the quality of the writing that matters ! i'm very open to stuff like crime and dark themes within the roleplay, as long as it doesn't stray too much from romance / mature. angst is great, so give me all of that ! muses must strictly be 18+ and i won't write anything that is or eludes toward underage themes ( ie. l * licon / sh * utacon ). i would like to explore some taboo themes as well, as i've been too afraid to do so in the past due to the company i kept. as long as the muses are both adults, i'm open to pretty much anything. a few other limits i have are bathroom kinks and anything violent enough to cause permanent damage. i'm also huge on gangbangs and tentacle monsters.

feel free to message with your input / ideas ! 💕
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