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RP Hunt Seeking Original & Fandom Tales

Mar 22, 2023
Hello there, everyone! :) I'm Evenstar, and I'm here searching for that special writing companion(s) to roleplay plot-centric settings with me. As you can see by the title of this thread, I am seeking both original and fandom settings!

| About Me |

- Ghost-friendly!
- I'm only comfortable with mxf romantic settings.
- I usually post multiple (4+) decent-sized paragraphs per reply and character.
- I only write in the third person perspective in paragraph format.
- I am double-friendly; I enjoy playing both (mxf) genders!
- I typically play characters who are in their late twenties to mid-forties.
- I love playing female characters who are strong and independent (and who are also deeply flawed), but I also enjoy playing the quiet/observant and loving/protective females, too. And, as for my males, I love playing the dark, brooding (reclusive) ones who have mysterious pasts/and are struggling with their inner demons, as well as portraying courteous, protective males.
- I usually use realistic (celebrity/model) face claims for my characters' physical appearance (or just a written description).
- I struggle with some mental health issues (as well as social anxiety), so there will be days when I'm not feeling productive or social, so please keep that in mind.

| My Partner |

- Please be double-friendly; or willing to play the male role.
- Please write in the third person POV perspective in paragraph format.
- Please be an intermediate, advanced roleplayer.
- Please only use realistic (celebrity/model) face claims (or a written description).
- I'd prefer if your characters are in their mid-late twenties or older.
- Please actively participate in the planning process; I love bouncing ideas/suggestions back and forth with my partner(s).
- If doubling is to occur in the story, please put effort into balancing out both your characters respectfully.
- Please don't hound me for replies; if I haven't replied in a week or more, then PM me a friendly reminder.


(Roles = You x Me)

- Union/Confederate Soldier x Disguised Female Soldier/General's Daughter
- Union/Confederate Soldier x Time Traveling Woman
- Lawman x Female Bounty Hunter
- Lawman x Time Traveling Woman
- WWI/II American/British Soldier x Heiress/Childhood Sweetheart/Nurse {Downton Abbey-Inspired}
- Detective Inspector/Homicide Detective x Female Partner {Supernatural or Realistic}
- Paranormal Investigator x Paranormal Investigator {Husband & Wife Team/The Conjuring-Inspired}

~ Marvel/Avengers/The X-Men ~
(Roles = You x Me)

- Clint Barton x Female OC
- Jackman's Logan Howlett x Storm
- Logan Howlett x Female OC
- Marsden's Scott Summers x Jean Grey
- Scott Summers x Female OC
{Can double as Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Wolverine, Iceman, or Male OC}

~ DC ~
(Roles = You x Me)

- Keaton/Kilmer's Batman x Catwoman
- Keaton/Kilmer's Batman x Female Vigilante
- Keaton/Kilmer's Batman x GCPD Female Officer
- Reeve's Superman x Carter's Wonder Woman
- Reeve's Superman x Female Vigilante
- Welling's Clark Kent x Female Vigilante
- GCPD Homicide Detective x Female Vigilante
- Ryan's John Constantine x Female Vigilante
- Welling's Marcus Pierce x Female Detective
{Can double as Bale's Batman; Pattinson's Batman; Lucifer; or Male OC}

~ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy ~

Seeking Eomer
{Can double as Aragorn, Legolas, Faramir, Frodo, Sam, or Male Human/Elf OC}

~ Star Wars: The Original Trilogy and Legends ~
(Roles = You x Me)

- Han Solo x Princess Leia Organa (Solo)
- Han Solo x Female OC
- Luke Skywalker x Mara Jade (Skywalker)
- Kyp Durron x Jaina Solo
- Kyp Durron x Female OC
- Human Male OC x Jaina Solo
- Jacen Solo x Female OC
Human Male OC x Female OC
{Can double as Luke, Lando, Jacen, or Human Male OC}

~ Abrams' Star Trek ~

Seeking Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
{Can double as Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Chekov, Sulu, or Human Male OC}

~ Star Trek: The Original Series ~

Seeking Human Male OC

~ Harry Potter ~
(Roles = You x Me)
*Eras: Regency/Georgian; Victorian - not Hogwarts Legacy; Edwardian/WWI; Forties/WWII; Post-Second Wizarding War*

- Former Dark Wizard/Death Eater x Female Auror
- Former Auror x Female Investigative Journalist
- Muggle Detective Inspector x Female Auror
- American Homicide Detective x Female Witch/Former Dark Witch

~ Mayor of Kingstown ~

Seeking Mike McKlusky
{Can double as Kyle McKlusky or Male OC}

~ Ghost Adventures ~

Seeking Zak Bagans
{Can double as Nick Groff or Aaron Goodwin}


#1: With the new upcoming Disney's Haunted Mansion film, I would love to do a haunted mansion-inspired setting based on the ride with our own characters and lore.

#2: {A dark, gothic romance, psychological horror/survival with supernatural elements set in the late Victorian or Edwardian period} In a fictional remote countryside village lies a secluded manor called Battenbridge Hall, which sits on top of a hill like a silent sentry that overlooks the entire village. Most of the villagers say that the once grandiose estate and the family that resides there are cursed, haunted even by malicious entities hungry for blood. Nobody dares travel to the property for fear of not returning alive, but it's all superstition and nonsense until some of the villagers start disappearing...

...one by one...

#3: {A dark, gothic romance, supernatural, murder/mystery set in the late Victorian period} By order of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, an American detective with a hidden past and secret (YC) must join forces with a female physician (MC) and is secretly tasked to solve murder cases that involve the supernatural community.

{Seeking Clint Barton for all ideas}

{I am most familiar with PHASE 1, PHASE 2, and most of the PHASE 3 MCU films, except for Endgame (I haven't finished it yet, but I do know what happens and how it ends). And the only connected Disney + show I've seen in its entirety is Hawkeye, as well as a few episodes of WandaVision.}

#1. After being hugely disappointed and unsatisfied with the show, I want to explore more of Clint's life as Ronin during those five years after the snap.

#2. The Avengers are pursuing a psychotic, mischievous villain who stole a powerful magical artifact from Doctor Strange. Anyone wielding the artifact can travel through time, and at the last second, the villain uses the object to send both himself and the team back in time. Now the Avengers must traverse through the centuries (or a specific time period) to try and stop the madman from changing history and get Strange's magical artifact back before the power of the object runs out.

#3. After being released from the psychiatric ward, a vengeful ex-Shield scientist is hellbent on destroying all of mankind after he not only lost his beloved wife but lost funding for his long-term project and was fired by Director Fury personally many years ago. He builds multiple bio-canisters filled with a deadly toxin (a virus that turns people into zombie-esque creatures with enhanced strength, agility, and speed) and strategically places them all over New York City. The Avengers are then alerted by Coulson after a flurry of reports of people becoming infected come in. And after recovering one of the canisters, Fury soon realizes who is behind the attack. He sends a team out to find and apprehend the scientist at his home, but it's too late-- they'll soon discover his body along with an encrypted tablet device.

And once decrypted, the Avengers will soon learn they might be too late...
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Nov 10, 2022
*a wild crazier_than_most appears*

Hmmmmmmmmm you have piqued my interest 👀 especially for your males. Ngl I do awesome males myself but not to toot my own horn lol. I may have an offer for you so look out in your pms !
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