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RP Hunt Smutty ideas here


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Sep 12, 2023
Hi I’m guy I’m looking for some rps. I have some ideas here that I’m willing to explore if anyone is interested. Also I only play male dom characters

  • Priest x party- healer joins a party of males and assists them with dungeon runs. The healer however has a secret, their religion requires them to mate with anyone to regain their mana
  • Sugar baby x sugar daddy- a rich girl is cut off from their family and is struggling to make ends meet. She meets a good looking guy and offers her a home and to help with her financial situations. However she will have to provide special services.
  • CEO x new hire- a ceo is visiting one of his companies and finds an interesting new hire. He offers her a better position. Unbeknownst other she will find out that’s this job
  • Teacher x Student- A perfect student is caught cheeting on a test and is pulled in by the teacher. The teacher mentions for her to retake the test durring break but the student offers a diffrent alternative. she offers sexual favors so that this could be swept under the rug. The teacher is shocked but it is revealed that the student has been taking some special lessons and wishes to test these skills on her teacher. the idea behind this is that the student is a quiet but kinky girl.
  • Witch x Demon/knight- ther is a witch that lives in a the forest comes across a Knight or demon. the witch helps them but it comes at the cost of giving up her free will to serve the individual they saved.
  • Demon x Elf: An elf wishes to live a life of luxury and tries to make a deal with a deamon, the demon accepts and the elf is able to find a nice and easy life. however the deamon returns to fulfil his end of the bargin. (setting would be modern for this one)

If I have anymore ideas I’ll add more.
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