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Apr 11, 2023
I posted this before but my partner had to bail, so I'm sending it out again, hoping to get takers.
Out among the islands of Bermuda, the Virgin Islands and St. Croix is a few smaller islands and this one is privately owned. Decades ago, a group of trans women bought the island, making their own closed society. Fresh water was discovered on the island, fishing was abundant and plenty of palm trees loaded with coconuts and banannas.
They sent out women to neighboring islands for assistance and soon had all the comforts of home...internet, microwaves, a solar station and housing....amazing what can be done when you have money.
But their numbers began to dwindle and they realized they needed breeders.....they sent out invitations for free vacations....except for a few catches....no cellphones, laptops or tablets and NO MEN.
What the vacationers didn't know was that once there they would be caged and raped over and over, constantly impregnated.

I need a female to play the role of one of the unsuspecting vacationers, possibly two.....this would include pregnancy, prolonged bondage and some sexual torture, so be warned. Would prefer a female partner but will accept males if they feel they can play a female convincingly
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