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RP Hunt Thoughts and things (F4M)

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Jul 6, 2024
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I am a literate and experienced female writer and I do prefer mxf or mxm pairings. I write in 3rd person normally, but if you have a preference let me know! I react well to respect! I prefer either drawn art, anime or AI, rarely I'll use a "real" face, in worst case I will go with heavy details when it comes to my characters looks, so don't fret!

In terms of ghosting, always been a fan of the paranormal, so you do you, boo. (haha, get it?)

I won't really chase. But might poke you a little.

I’m not really into exaggeration, excessive use of ?! And anime uwu talk, definitely gives me the ick.

I'm a ooc whore. Please talk to me lmao

I am not a total grammar nazi, but if you’re flopping around like a dead fish with information throughout our RP then I will let you know, or if things don’t make sense. Please skim through your posts! It kills me when my partner can’t keep a grip on things and are inconsistent.
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Pearl Necklace ● CNC, Dub-con and so on ● Sleep Play ● Shared Dominance ● Serial Killer Masks ● Facials ● Seduction/Slow Burn ● Breast Fucking ●Whimpering and Moaning ● Anonymity ● Kidnapping ● Stalking ● Markings, hickies and bruising ● Muscular/Height difference ● Handjobs ● Deep throating ● Glory Hole ● ●Humiliation ● Choking ● Submissive ● Blood ● Knife play ● Cock/Pussy Slapping ● Gagging ● Swallowing ● Teasing ● Dirty talk ● Power Exchange ● Light Bondage Gear ● Legal Ageplay ● Raceplay ● Orgasm Control ● Cock milking ● Heavy-ish Bondage ● Name Calling ● Sensation Play ● Cheating ● Exhibitionism/Voyeurism ● Cum Play ● Knotting ●

Small sizes ●Human Toilet ● Scat ● Gore ● Vore ● Watersports ● Punching ● Incest (parent and child) ● Overly Submissive ● Obesity ● Extreme sizes ●

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Grey is my favorite color and I'm blind to red. Basically what I'm saying is morally grey men are great and red flags are quite fashionable these days.
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Modern ● Historical ● Slice of life ● High Fantasy ● Urban Fantasy ● Supernatural ● Greek Mythology ● Steampunk ● Dystopian ● Cyberpunk ● Disney ● Mafia ●

Villains/Heroes ● Bad boy x Good girl ● Bad girl x Good boy ● Angel x Vampire ● Alpha x Omega ● Supernatural being x Hunter ● Arranged Marriage ● Rom-com ● Cowboy (girl) x City rat ● Bikers ● Stalker x Popular kid ● Drama ● Romance ● Fluff ● Suspense ● Forbidden Love ● Power Dynamic ● Faeries ● Warlocks ● Elves ● Mermaids/Sirens ● Werewolves ● Ghosts ● Rebirth/Afterlife ● Purgatory ● 1900’s ● 1800’s ● Hades & Persephone ● Nemesis & Narcissus ● Aphrodite ● Zeus ● Nyx ● Artemis ● Adam & Eve

Tattoos/piercings ● Breeding ● Knife play ● Cum shots ● Rough sex ● Public sex ● Hair pulling ● Aftercare ● Marking

Eragon ● Fourth Wing ● Love, death + robots ● Call of Duty ● Tarzan ● Underworld ● Yellowstone ● Resident Evil ● Scream

ρℓσтѕ вєℓσω

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The Note
Based on the picture below. Pretty open to interpretation. But basically she gets taken home with a stranger after getting absolutely plastered, he leaves a note on the bedside table, letting her know what had happened the night before and where she is.

This can be done a lot of ways! Supernatural, modern, fantasy and medieval/historical and so on!

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last stop

X is on the last train home from work late at night, but so is Y. X starts touching themselves, not noticing Y, and gets kind of into it, when they notice a movement out of the corner of their eye. Y is watching with a slight emotionless but interested expression, feeling some type of way X stops, how didn't they see them? Y is about to get off at a stop but turns around in the last moment to give X a card along with the words, "If you're looking for more, then check this place out. Don't do it in a place like this where you can get hurt if the wrong person catches you." Then they're gone and X sits back with a small card with an address and a company name on it. What the hell just happened?

Based on the manwha 'An Innocent Sin'. I don't mind which role I play, so I left it up in the air. Interested? Shoot me a message! Is going to be pretty smutty, but with some plot and stuff.

Playful ● Group sex ● Romance ● Smut ● Slice of life ● Modern ● Strangers ● Slow burn ● Groping

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like lightning on a clear day

I’ve been obsessing over Clawshot! for a hot minute, and I’m dying to have some steamy fun with a monster. You don’t need to know or have read clawshot! to fix something up with me, willingness to do a little bit of world building and plotting is always super welcome! We don’t have to go with Charlotte and Ernest, we can make our own characters. But if you’re down to stick with those two I’m down, I just want that dynamic! I’ll happily explain more in dms.

Mc is a transfer to your detective department. Yc is the grump of the whole department, and has the luck of getting partnered with Mc. While there are regular human beings, there are also Amalians, whose genes are crossed with animals. YC is a bovine werewolf, basically a wolf with a few bovine genetics involved. Basically meaning he’s big as a bull, in a few ways, wolf features and horns that come in quite handy for certain.. things..

Anyway, he is certainly not happy about it, mc wants to go out and catch the bad guys, while YC just wants to sit and do paperwork, it’s easier and that way no one gets hurt.

There’s a reason why Mc got transferred though, and she’s trying to get to the bottom of it.

Size difference ● Monster lover ● Knotting ● Opposites attract ● Rut/Heat ● Large amount of cum ● Werewolf ● Long term ● Slow burn ● Fantasy, but Modern ● Enemies to lovers ● Romance

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dust and spurs

Her parents run the largest cattle ranch in the area and needs a lot of help most of the time. They have a deal with the local authorities that if they have any people who are in need of a job or just needs a second chance, or youths who need some direction, they’re more than welcome to come check out the place. They offer food and a place to live.

He really didn’t want to be stuck there, but it was better than jail time. Sort of, the smell was awful and he never really liked horses or animals for that sake. Motorcycles were much more trustworthy anyway.

Forbidden love ● Cowgirl x bad boy ● Ranch life ● Opposites attract ●

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Whats worse than hell? Wisconsin.

Two lower ranked angels are sent to earth to spread gods gospel in a world where tragedy after tragedy is happening, and people are starting to lose their belief.

One angel is of good belief and enjoys their time on earth, sharing the word of god and his “good” deeds. Putting out small miracles for humans who are worthy.

The other is of bad belief, annoyed to have been sent to earth with the other angel and decides to follow gods word and punish the sinners they meet on their way, as they travel through the world until they’re finally called back to heaven.

What if they end up eating too much of the forbidden fruit, no longer hears the whisper of god in their ears, decide to make their way back to heaven, but seems to have lost their way and can’t return.

/ / I’m not too picky about which of the angels to play, so do let me know if you feel like one or the other. I just watched Dogma and I thought Loki and Bartlebys dynamic was hilarious as well as Silent bob and Jay. Combing both dynamics and hilarity ensues, I hope.. basically two angels on earth who has no idea how humans really work (think Castiel from Supernatural maybe?) discovering sex, drug and alcohol. All the things angels aren’t allowed.

Very golden retriever x black cat dynamic. Best friends, but one is so over the whole thing the other is just happy to be near the other. Plot-focused but with a healthy dose of smut as they learn about how the children of god have fun.

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He was captured lurking around the grounds, carrying the mark of a thief (or potentially something else) and was brought to the attention of her, who ruled the lands surrounding her castle. Not quite a queen, but ruthless none the less.

Then comes a game of figuring out who this man is and what he was doing trying to get inside her castle.

//A bit inspired by the picture above. Would love to lean into soft femdom, power dynamics and see where it could go. I don't want to write against someone who just wants to be tied up, I want fighting back and forth. Banter and frustration between our characters. I want him to challenge her, even if he is the one tied up. Fantasy, medieval inspired.

(willing to discuss different races, doesn't have to be strictly human)
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