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Stacy stood under the shower spray with eyes closed, enjoying the warm water as it cascaded over her breasts.....she had a crappy day at school and just wanted to forget it even happened. Problem was, it was only Monday.
Brother and sister had the house to themselves most of the time....their parents literally popped in and out like gophers......they were used to it by now. They weren't in a classic broken home but like many teens, emotional neglect still haunted them.

The 17 year old redhead poked her head out of the shower door and peeked around....she thought she heard something but what? it was just her and her brother, as usual.
There was one time when she had been caught by him....she was getting ready for work at a local Starbucks and her brother caught her in panties and bra....she chewed him out for not knocking but didn't bother to hurry up and finish getting dressed....afterall, he WAS her brother....it wasn't as if he would try anything.....

She finiahed her shower and reached for the towel.
Stacy has her towel over her face when suddenly she feels hands grabbing her by the neck and pushing her face first against the bathroom wall.

"HEY!....WHO ARE YOU???"....the tile on the wall is cold as her tits are mashed against it...."HEEEEELP!!!," she screams as she feels strong arms grbbing her arms, twisting them behind her back, then feels her wrists being tied....
"LET ME GO!," she yells, fighting......

whoever her mysterious intruder is, he's keeping her face against the wall and for now has no idea who it is....
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