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When life imitates art

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7:15 AM
Apr 11, 2023
What is it about being a lesbian that brings out the horn dog in some men?
My wife and I went clubbing not long ago and as we sat in the booth a guy came up to us and right away starting hitting on us....my wife calmly told him we were married. He looked kinda confused for a moment then a big shit eating grin came across his face.
"You know," he says, "I always wanted to see 2 girls making out...."
WTF????.....why is it that when 2 women are together men get the idea that theyr'e lesbians, even if theyr'e not? and even if they are, why do some guys say crap like that? do they think that lesbians are any different than other couples, that we're gonna jump each other at the drop of a hat?

I was on another roleplay site and had to leave because the guy I was playing with said he read my bio and started asking me about my sex life....if I was hetero, would he have asked me? C'mon guys....we're human....
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