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Would You Rather | Game

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12:54 AM
Jun 27, 2024
For those who don't know how to play, you basically answer the comment made before you with the option you'd prefer, and then you'd give your own two options for the person commenting after you to choose from. Feel free to give a reason why, but you don't have to.

I'll start this off:

Would you rather taste colours or see sounds?

Local Time:
7:54 PM
Nov 9, 2022
See Sounds, if I can control how subtle it can be. XD because I have tinnitus. I can use it as a HUD adjustment so I know people are talking to me instead of making them yell or talk up if I'm not paying attention.


Would you rather Live in Space or Under the sea.

(You will obtain a comfortable facility that will house you or allow you to navigate the area)
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