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dark themes

  1. Cheshire

    RP Hunt Flexible Long-Term Partner?

    I'm new to the site so I'm going to do my best here LOL. The character limit got reached so I'm going to post my male characters information and the leftover girlies in a comment reply thing. Before I get into the grit of it, here's what I'm ideally looking for. I'm seeking someone who doesn't...
  2. swampdruid

    RP Hunt nonspecific m/m partner search

    Hi hello, I'm Quent, any pronouns are welcome. A little bit about me first: I prefer 21+ partners. Slight preference for 25+. I'm 33, it's just a comfort thing. I only write m/m pairings. I only write original characters. I am okay with some "inspired by" ideas from media, but I am not in any...
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