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Jun 2, 2024
Hi hello, I'm Quent, any pronouns are welcome. A little bit about me first:
  • I prefer 21+ partners. Slight preference for 25+. I'm 33, it's just a comfort thing.
  • I only write m/m pairings.
  • I only write original characters. I am okay with some "inspired by" ideas from media, but I am not in any fandoms.
  • My stories typically contain some flavor of dark themes: potential drug use (addiction, alcoholism), violence, traumatic background, aggressive or unpleasant personalities, monsters, horror-flavored humor. PLEASE warn me if you have triggers.
  • I don't fade to black. I also don't write constant erotic scenes. Give me substance with my spice.
  • My post length varies with the scene; I will not mirror length with my partners and do not expect anyone to mirror.
  • I only use realistic face claims for my characters, I don't care what my partner uses (if any). I am also completely open to strictly text-based descriptions if my partner prefers not to see the FCs.
  • Genres include (but not limited to): any of the -punks (cyberpunk, dieselpunk, weirdpunk?, westpunk? are those things?), science fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, comedy, and all manner of mixing and matching of any of the above.
I have taken a lot of inspiration from games like Shadowrun in combination with Vampire: the Masquerade and years of just thinking up weird shit in my spare time. I like to ask the real questions like: What would a vampire do when he visits an alien planet? How good of a pole dancer is an alien stripper with four arms? What if someone sold their soul to an angel instead of a demon? What if the local vet is a werewolf? What if the creepy bartender is actually some kind of strangely affectionate freak that talks to his flowers?

Okay, as you can clearly see, I don't have anything specific in mind. I'd love to banter and have back and forth with potential partners and gush about our characters together so we can build something we're both into. I LOVE learning all the silly details about your dudes. Give them to me, feed me the fun facts and give me all the inspiration. If this feels like your vibe, reach out! I'll get back as quickly as I can.
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