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  1. FaeWhisperer

    Fantasy RP The Magic Academy (Rayven)

    Ashlynn sighed as she put her textbook away, potions class was finally ending. She was lucky she had gotten through this one without starting any fires, but mostly she had to thank her class partner for this. Trying to be one of the top elites in this magic academy was harder than she was...
  2. Carina☆Starlight

    RP Hunt Titania's Fate

    Hello! Thank you for reading my thread. Just call me Carina should this thread find you well. Firstly I only play as black characters, mostly black women. Not applied to Doubling up. Just my personal preference and who I am. I mostly do MxF pairings, I am open to FxF. I will also say I am an AI...
  3. Hellbent_ZuZu

    RP Hunt Greetings and Salutations.

    I am quite the new one here and due to many platforms going down hill, I hoped if anyone is willing to rp with me. I enjoy mostly medieval and fantasy. Fighting and drama alike. When it comes to my detail in rp I would give myself a solid 7/10. So if ya wanna try me out for a rp then don’t be...
  4. FaeWhisperer

    Fantasy RP In the Heart of the Pridelands (Rhys)

    Stepping out from the large cave that sheltered the pride, Thornclaw took a long stretch- bristling out his fur before giving it a good shake. It was early in the morning, and he had yet to see anyone else to wake from their own sleeping piles. But he didn't blame them, for the weather was...
  5. askthearrow

    RP Hunt Poor Unfortunate Souls

    Poor Unfortunate Souls Heya! The name's Jay (or J or anything that starts with the letter J, really. I'm not picky :3 call me whatever). I'm a mid-20s writer with a lot of experience roleplaying and wanted to reach out here. I mainly use discord servers to RP, but I can use email or gdocs as...
  6. FaeWhisperer

    Fantasy RP Eternal Threads of Desire (Visiones)

    Closing her eyes, Nyxira tried to tap into her powers to receive a vision of the future, but was returned with nothing. Dammit- if only I could go to the moonpool, then I could regain some of my magical strength. Her eyes reopened as she sighed, putting out her meditating candles and incense...
  7. BlueBird

    Fantasy RP Crown of Desire

    Prince Manson walked through the castle grounds feeling extremely bored, his older brothers are too busy with the affairs of the kingdom to give him some type of entertainment, even if they were going to talk about taxes, trade, and whatever else they deal with. Hw walked into the servant's...
  8. opalbat67

    RP Hunt Looking for roleplay friends/friend?

    Hello!! My names Marilyn but most people call me rose. I’m absolutely open for nsfw I love most storylines, fantasy (vampires, DND, etc) video games (cod, stardew, etc), tv shows (Riverdale, shameless, Euphoria, etc) movies (Harry Potter, city of bones, etc), or even our own made up world...
  9. BlueBird

    Paw to Paw (Yukiyo)

    Lena sat at the bar in the club slightly drunk as she ordered another shot of tequila.
  10. BlueBird

    Fantasy RP Make a Wish (Knight)

    “Mel, I dare you to go summon a demon that grants wishes.” Amelia blinked in confusion for a while, “That’s genie not a demon Chloe.” Chloe shook her head, “Nope, I’ve read a book that a demon can grant certain wishes it might be even better than a genie.” Amelia sighed, “Fine, What do I have to...
  11. Maxolotl

    My Self-Insert, Max

    He has his own page right here: You must be registered to see element Put simply, he has psychic powers, a shy and comforting heart, and a slightly edgy nerd look about him. The page hasn’t been updated in a while, but I’d still like to hear possible criticism (if you’re nice about it😓) if you...
  12. Maxolotl

    RP Hunt Possible Roleplay, anyone?

    I’m relatively new here, and I wanna get a hang of the ropes while Also enjoying myself in this RP place! My most desirable RP idea at the moment would be Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, or maybe all three! I would play my self-insert, a shy boy with psychic powers named Max. I would need a...
  13. FaeWhisperer

    Fantasy RP Lady of the Mansion (AvidDreamer)

    Our story begins in a rural part of the world, where the forest was dense and the nearest town was about a thirty minute drive away. Within that forest, past large brushed iron and gold gates was a large, historic mansion. The outside of the mansion had been weathered due to time but overall the...
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