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  1. EldritchGod

    RP Hunt Criminal minds rp???

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a criminal minds rp? I will be playing my oc and anyone else (just don't make me play the whole team please and thank you) All cases will be original and I'm looking for horror and supernatural dark elements Also LGBTQ mxm preferred
  2. Novae

    RP Hunt Novae's Request Thread [Open & Searching]

    You must be registered to see element šŸŒ¹NovaešŸŒ¹ Hey there! I'm Novae, and I'm currently seeking partners looking to RP angst, drama and romance. I'm generally very literate, but this can vary depending on my partner. MxF main roles only, please! I only play female mains, but can definitely play...
  3. FaeWhisperer

    Fantasy RP Lady of the Mansion (AvidDreamer)

    Our story begins in a rural part of the world, where the forest was dense and the nearest town was about a thirty minute drive away. Within that forest, past large brushed iron and gold gates was a large, historic mansion. The outside of the mansion had been weathered due to time but overall the...
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