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RP Hunt Novae's Request Thread [Open & Searching]


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Nov 14, 2023
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Hey there! I'm Novae, and I'm currently seeking partners looking to RP angst, drama and romance.

I'm generally very literate, but this can vary depending on my partner.
MxF main roles only, please! I only play female mains, but can definitely play other supporting characters.
All of my RolePlays contain romance, however do not have to contain smut. I prefer a 80-90% storyline and 10-20% smut.

I am seeking someone who:

Is literate, with adequate grammar and no text-speech.
Can play a male main, but is versatile in supporting characters, also.
Does not ghost. If you're losing interest or don't have the time, we can negotiate. Just please let me know if you're no longer interested! I will do the same.


I don't particularly have any active triggers. Things like drugs, alcoholism, eating disorders, abuse, and so on are all topics which I am happy to negotiate on.
I have a few topics of interest listed, however I am definitely open to more so feel free to suggest.

Sister X Brothers Best Friend
Supernatural Creatures
Arranged Marriages
College Slice of Life
Enemies to Lovers
Drug Addicts
Dark/Twisted Romance
Royalty and Poverty (e.g. Princess X Guard)

Writing Sample
The sun, which had already risen high in the sky as morning awakened, seemed to vanish beneath the cover of the clouds above, leaving the quiet village only dimly lit. Candles from the night before were still lit in the windows of the small wooden homes that sat in neat rows on the beach, arranged perfectly like matchsticks in a box. Mother's and fathers had long since risen from their warm beds, and children raced excitedly about - as always, up to no good; stealing baked goods with bright, sugar-coated grins, and chasing each other about as they squealed and giggled.

People went about their daily chores, the quiet morning bustle gradually amplifying as people opened market stalls and stores, beginning their days work. Life in Aiphura was a simple one, a safe one. The children had never known starvation or war of any kind, and never had they been subject to the terror of the creatures that they heard of in stories whispered between friends on a dark night, lit only with a lantern. It was a rare occurrence that the elves came into contact with any other sort of creature they viewed as frightening. Especially humans. Elves were transcendent. Humans acted on instinct and desire, consistently making irrational decisions. Elves were careful. Calculated. Thoughtful. Humans were impulsive and clumsy. Yet, even in such a dream-like place, there was unrest that morning. Men stopped in their tracks as the royal guards, clad in their armours, marched upon the tiled streets within the village. Their rhythmic footsteps quickly alerted the villagers to their presence. Within moments, people began to rush from their homes to see what the commotion was about. They were not disappointed.

Within those quaint homes, mother's clung infants close to their chests, shock stinging their eyes. Fathers bit down on their lips, fists clenching into balls. The men that had just docked, the human men, were nothing like them. The reactions of the elves only strengthened that. Immediately, children rushed to their parents, clinging to their legs with widened eyes - gases fearful as they watched the round-eared people. While they watched the men, their little hands came up to lightly touch their own, pointed ears, a look of pure wonder, yet pure terror written all over their youthful faces. Humans were something they had only heard of in stories. They so seldom came here, that their presence in their home had become mere urban legend. To see them here was clearly a shock for all those who watched them march by. It wasn't unheard of, but it wasn't a regular occurrence either. And never were they escorted by the royal guards.

In the distance, the palace loomed, tall and grand, and yet hardly foreboding. It was an astonishing sight, even without the sun shining upon it. Polished, spotless marble created the entire structure, and was carved with ornate, intricate foliage that seemed to scale slowly up the building. Even in the overcast weather, various lanterns could be seen from down in the village, illuminating the opulent structure entirely. The hemispherical tops of the dome-shaped rooftops seemed to be made of glass, which, on a sunny day, would have lit the entire palace from the inside out. Various towers extended from all sides of the main dome, topped with their own little glass domes. The entirety of the marble was embellished with glittering silvers and golds, and the windows consisted of intricate, hand-painted stained glasses.

An abundance of bright foliage and towering trees surrounded the palace, and yet they did little to detract from the sheer scale of the building. Surrounding the gardens, the palace resided in the centre of a water body, waterfalls gushing from each side. Extending from the front of the palace, there was a huge stone bridge, and at the end of that bridge, there were glittering, gold, ornately carved gates surrounding the entire palace residence. It truly was an inconceivable sight.


Within the palace, the elven princess had only just begun to rouse as she shifted within the ornate canopy bed with a soft sigh. She loved nature. But she loved so much more to awaken to sunlight streaming down upon her form through the glass dome above than to the dark, overcast sight she awoke to that morning. She lay there quietly for a few long moments, merely gazing up into the clouds, before she finally pushed herself into a sitting position. Brushing aside the curtains that framed her bed, she smiled at the sight of her Lady In Waiting, Avery, already stepping into her room with a plate of freshly baked pastries and fruits. Watching her settle the tray on her vanity by the window, Siofra smiled. "Thank you, Avery", she hummed as she slid on her robe, before moving to sit on the chair settled before the mirror.

Avery jolted in surprise, before a delighted smile found the woman's lips as she laughed. "Oh, Princess! You're already awake.. I hope I didn't keep you waiting", she woman smiled, only earning a simple shake of the woman's head. "Of course not. You're always perfectly on time." Avery paused to give her shoulder a motherly, grateful pat, before she turned to begin organising her dress for the day. Once she was satisfied with her choice; which, she seemed to take much longer than usual to make, the woman returned to stand behind Siofra's chair. There, she began to quietly work on brushing and intricately braiding her long copper hair into an up-do.

"Is there something important today, Avery? You seemed to take an awful long time choosing that dress..." she grinned, a tiny glimmer of teasing amusement in the Princesses expression, which earned her a gentle chuckle. "My Dear, I can't tell you... But know that you should prepare yourself well. And not only visually..." the woman trailed off, sending her a pointed glance as she gently tapped her head, glancing at her face in the mirror of her vanity. "Your father has organised you some... Visitors."

That's about all I've got for now, feel free to reach out!


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