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  1. FaeWhisperer

    Fantasy RP Eternal Threads of Desire (Visiones)

    Closing her eyes, Nyxira tried to tap into her powers to receive a vision of the future, but was returned with nothing. Dammit- if only I could go to the moonpool, then I could regain some of my magical strength. Her eyes reopened as she sighed, putting out her meditating candles and incense...
  2. BlueBird

    Fantasy RP Blood Treaty (Firestarter)

    Ever since the beginning there we two rival vampire kingdoms, each having their own strengths. The two rival kingdoms have always been at war, never being able to see eye to eye. After centuries of fighting and death the two kingdoms finally agree on signing a peace treaty both sides agreed to...
  3. BlueBird

    Untouched Relations

    @BazookaRay1 Kathrine paced back and forth in her room, today was the day her father came back from the meeting with the wolf tribe. "Lady Kathrine, your father has returned." A maid said opening her door. Kathrine nodded and got dressed in her sleek black dress and headed to the throne room...
  4. F

    RP Hunt New rper with good story

    Hi all, i’m looking for someone to rp with me i’ve got a great GXG secret vampire best friend rp story and would love to share with a fellow lesbian like myself 🙂
  5. FaeWhisperer

    Fantasy RP Lady of the Mansion (AvidDreamer)

    Our story begins in a rural part of the world, where the forest was dense and the nearest town was about a thirty minute drive away. Within that forest, past large brushed iron and gold gates was a large, historic mansion. The outside of the mansion had been weathered due to time but overall the...
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