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Animal AU Animal Kingdom

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Jan 22, 2024
Our story begins in a gigantic forest. The forest was dense and had many different animal occupants living inside it. Within that forest, lived the Wolf Pack. The Wolf Pack was one of the many kingdoms or territories of the animals of the forest. Humans weren't allowed into the forest. Most animals in the forest had never even seen humans. If they did, they were lucky to have survived. The humans were the most dangerous species on Earth. But in the heart of the forest was the Wolf Pack. The wolves rarely needed to worry about humans.

The wolves were usually at war with the bears over territory and food. For now, they had a peace treaty. Though, many animals didn't expect the treaty to last much longer. The wolves and bears were still constantly at each other's throats, literally and figuratively. Luna wanted to help fight the bears, but in the pack, only the male wolves were allowed. The females had to stay and take care of the pups. Luna was a teenager now, sixteen in dog years. She had strange pure white fur, with a grey mark on her forehead of a crescent moon. None of the other wolves looked like that. Most of the other wolves were either grey or sandy brown. The other wolves would make fun of her appearance, but not for very long before she tries to kill one of them. Luna was a rebellious and feisty teen. She always snuck off. Luna thirsted for adventure, but was afraid what her family and the rest of the pack would do if she tried to find it....

  • Age: 16 in dog years, is a little over 1 year in human years
  • Height: 2’6
  • Weight: 120
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • Appearance:
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  • Background: She has lived most of her life in the Wolf Pack. She has yearned for more than what she had been given, and wants adventure.
  • Family: Her mother and father, and one younger sibling- a brother. (to be introduced later to keep the thread going).
  • Likes/Dislikes:
    • Likes: Prefers to spend most of her time alone, either exploring or hunting. The feeling of freedom.
    • Dislikes: Those who lie to her, bears, when she is held back, being underestimated, being made fun of, is secretly lonely

What the Den looks like:
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I left it open ended so you can start off with your character wherever you’d like! You can be any type of animal. Just a realistic one, please. Also, would like to balance smut and plot around 75% smut 25% plot (to keep things interesting and the thread alive)


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6:05 AM
Feb 4, 2023
17 in human years
Height 5’10 in anthro form (4’7 in feral form)
Lupus Wolf
BG:He was born in a clan of halfbreeds , he’s an exceptional one due to being able to use magic. But he’s also seen as a freak.
Family:A younger brother and a mother
Likes:Cold foods/treats , reading , hunting , training, racing and competing with friends
Dislikes:Spicy Foods , hot temperatures , too much at once
Feral and Anthro form and Den area


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