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Fantasy RP Art of the Blade (Recruitment/Sign-Ups)

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May 9, 2023
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Breathe in, breath out. Breathe in, breathe out. The first rule in harnessing your mana is calmness. Learning to control your breathing, will allow you to tap into your worldly abilities! Without calmness, your mana frays and withers like a flame in the wind. Each and everyone one of you is capable of worldly things, and it is my job to bring it out of you. No matter your age or creed, I will mold you into the best Hunter you can become.

- Master Blanco

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Mana - a simple, yet spiritual concept. Everyone has mana, however, not everyone can control it. Some cultures refer to it as Spirit Energy, whilst others see it as malicious and evil. The controlling and utilizing of this mana, is called Weaving. Sometimes referred to as Mana Weaving as well, the term Weaving refers to the practice of utilizing and mastering mana, 'weaving' it through your body like thread to perform different acts of Weaving Techniques. These techniques vary incredibly from individual to individual, and are subjective to the users' mana, personality, skill, etc. The techniques themselves are expelled through the usage of a weapon, most often a blade or sword made from a special material. However, this begs the question: Why would someone need to know all this?


Monsters lurk the world that humans live in. Feeding off other living beings, it can be said these monsters do not exist for any other reason, other than to just simply kill off humans. Why would the gods create such disgusting beings? That is something not even the wisest men know. However, with this hand humans have been dealt, the Monsters can be fought by utilizing the power of mana. The struggle between the two has been recorded throughout history, although he exact time frame that mosnters appeared in the world is not certain. They have been the reason for many deaths, and the reason that humans cannot venture outside alone. This is why any human capable of learning to Weave, is sent through training to combat these monsters, in hopes that one day there is no need to fear these beings. However, right now, that day seems far away.

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The Academy of Lara Maxa is a school for the arts - the Art of Weaving, that is. A school for all ages and people, those that have a glimmer of mana control can enrol in the school to learn how to fight, and become Hunters. A curriculum includes everything from Mana study, Monster study, to practical exams and even field trips. Rumours state that other Academies like Lara Maxa exist in the world, however, that has not been confirmed.

Lara Maxa was a Hunter from yore, who began her own school from nothing, to what it is today. Although of course she is now deceased, a middle-aged man by the name of Vander runs the school as Headmaster. Accompanied by numerous staff and teachers, they run the school in hopes of creating Hunters that are willing to put their life on the line when push comes to shove. Every student is given a sword made from a material that allows them to utilize their mana, and this sword is their bread and butter when it comes to combat.

The Academy of Lara Maxa is situated in a town known as Glorias. Nestled in the mountains, this quaint town has a small bustling community with a market, taverns, and of course, houses for citizens. Students are permitted to go into town when they are not working or studying, however, they are not permitted to go out of curfew. Not following the rules can get students expelled. Study on, and become the best Hunter you can be. Click

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Mana is free flowing, and subjective to each individual. Because of this, Mana can have differing properties for everyone. Traditionally, Mana follows the several Elements:
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Light
  • Darkness
  • Nature
Although these are the main elements, some elements can be considered to be sub-elements of the parent element. For example, Nature Mana generally encompasses earth-related techniques, however, plant-related techniques would be a sub-element of Nature. Same with Ice, and parent element being Water. It should also be noted, the sub-element would be the main element for the user. If a Hunter's mana was Ice elemental, then they would NOT be able to use the traditional Water. Scholars have been trying to sort through how this works, however, knowledge of mana is not as set in stone as many people would like, and as such, is unpredictable in nature.

Mana in relation to Weapons
hroughout History, it has been shown that humans have had the ability to harness a spiritual power known as Mana. However, in concept, mana itself does cannot be properly utilized without the usage of a weapon, made from a material known as Vulkanite. Although some humans can display their usage of mana through minuscule ways such as creating a small spark, flickering of a flame, etc, nothing substantial can be done without Vulkanite. Why is this? Nobody truly knows, and scholars at this point have simply chalked it up to the properties of the material itself. The most common form of utilizing Vulkanite is in the form of a sword or a blade of sorts, to better kill monsters. Because of this, many Weaving techniques involve the usage of a sword. Although regular weapons can also be used on Monsters, generally speaking, their skins are tough enough to withstand most blows from regular weapons unless weakened to begin with.


Rules + World Rules

1. All Forum Rules Apply
2. This is a rather darker roleplay, so I guess I rate it "m" for all the usual stuff (swearing, some gore, adult themes). Please don't abuse this, and use it as an excuse to swear excessively or be crude or vulgar. I rated it this, to give a bit more freedom with writing.
3. No godmodding. I know this roleplay has mana and fighting and whatnot, but make the fighting realistic. If your character got hit, make sure you describe they actually got hit and not just shook it off like it was nothing ( a punch to the face does hurt).
4. No having multiple characters
5. No bunnying other characters without permission. However, something I do allow, is for you to bunny my character if you need to (you don't have to ask me, unless you think it is something out of the ordinary for my character to do).
6. Not really a rule, but please give me critique if you don't like something. For example, if you guys absolutely hate the whole chapter thing, then please let me know and I will most likely scrap it. With that said, if you have an idea for a chapter or want to have one revolving around your own character or whatever, please let me know.
7. Once again, not really a rule, however, I should note that this roleplay is not based around any existing franchise of the sort. It is simply my own creation.
8. This roleplay is a fantasy/medieval setting, keep in that mind.

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As you can guess, your character will be a new student at the Academy of Lara Maxa. Their reasons for becoming a Hunter and learning at the Academy is up to them, however, you are eager to learn (hopefully). You hope to harness your power and make a change in this bleak, gloomy world.

The Sign-Up Sheet


(Straightforward. A First name and middle or last name (if they have one)).

(Age doesn't generally doesn't matter in this roleplay. Could play as an old man, middle aged woman, etc. The academy is for ALL ages other than minors, so please keep that in mind. Realistically, I'd like characters with differing ages.)

(Again, straightforward.)

(Good description of your character. Picture does not substitute for writing. Only human characters. Also note, characters will be given a uniform to wear during academy time, so when describing their clothing, make sure it's their 'regular' clothing.)

(Explain their personality. Their traits, habits, how they behave etc.)

(Probably the most important section. Detail anything here, from their origins, social class/status, occupation, family, or anything else that would fit in here. Also put down why they are attending the academy.)

(What Element is their mana? You can make your own Sub-element as well, if it makes sense).

(Anything else you want to add?)
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