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Everything in the End (Minecraft RP - Crow)


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Nov 10, 2022
You woke up confused and alone in a forest, wondering how you got here. Nothing on you but the clothes on your back and the memory of your name was the only thing you had. The sun was up high in the sky and for some reason you knew you had to survive. So the first thing you did was gather wood with your bare hands- without even hurting yourself. Which was odd, was this some kind of power? And then you're making tools and crafting items like you've done this before although you know you shouldn't remember how to do this. Before long, you have a house- a farm going, animals for food and companionship and all is right with the world. Until the monsters come out at night, and laying await in caves. So you forge weapons to help you battle the entities. Gathering their remains, you make use out of them as well, nothing truly goes to waste in your world.

But even with all that you've done, there's still a sense of loneliness... Even through all the villages you've been through there is no one like you. You're seemingly all alone until one night you spot them, one like you- fighting off the mobs in the middle of the field. You jump up on your horse and ride to their aid, wielding your stone sword, cutting down any enemy you see.

When all is done, you look to them, and without saying a word you hand them a health potion, hoping to aid them in recovering some of their health.

  • Age: Roughly 24
  • Height: 5’8
  • Weight: 150
  • Gender: non-binary
  • Race: Human
  • Pronouns: they/them || he/him
  • Appearance:
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  • Background: Unknown
  • Family: Unknown
  • Likes/Dislikes:
    • Likes: Flower biomes, whenever it rains, and the cozy comfort of their home where their cats and dogs can be.
    • Dislikes: Fighting hostile mobs, and going mining
  • How many days they've been here: 70
    How many times they've died: 12


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