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Hellbent_ZuZu’s OC’s

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Mar 16, 2024
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Name: ZuZu.

Age: 22.

Species: [Unknown]

Gender: Female.

Height: 5’4 (162.56 cm)

Weight: 65.9 k

A being of unknown origin or how it came into existence. A shapeshifter, Mimic, Skin-Walker, Monster as many call it yet with each form its characteristics such as fur color, markings of combat as well as its eyes will stay the same. Making it easier to recognize.
Covered in black fur yet with a golden patch of fur that decorates its stomach, face and ears.
Giving off an eye catching neon green hue on its arms, claws and eyes. A toxic look. A long black tail with a ninja shaped star at the end with the same green hue. Lastly a feminine tone in body.
All that is known of the creature is its aim to pick a fight with whom ever it encounters like a mindless fighting machine. It appears to be filled with rage or even pain yet in reports of encounters, it speaks perfect English and shows remarkable Intelligence.
After a brawl occurs it seems to relax.

Personality: ZuZu appears to be mostly hostile until proven that its opponent can match its strength. After its docile and willing to speak or participate in activities.
If it’s target is surrendering, it instantly stops to make sure, not wishing to inflict pain under such situations yet if they pose a threat to its life then it won’t accept surrender.
While docile, it’s almost taciturn but shows interest in a few things. It dislikes loud noises, having its tail pulled, and having any of its battles being interrupted.
It’s likes range around eating, sleeping, fighting, being praised, sitting on branches of high trees.

Abilities/Powers: Able to manipulate electricity as it sees fit. The lighter the green patterns on its arms as well as its tail the powerful its attacks will be. Yet it never lasts forever, slowly its light will dim showing its running out of its electrical energy. Resting will help regain its energy as well as being around electrical appliances in which it will drain to help it regain energy faster.
Its physical strength is no laughing matter, able to lift almost 20 tons yet still it runs off of its energy. Agility is remarkable, able to run either on its two legs or all fours which boots its speed. Using its claws to slash or even deliver electrical blows. Using its teeth or tail is optional in a fight. Knowing a few techniques for subduing a target or paralyzing them.

(If romance is your approach then I’ll happily oblige.)

When it comes to a love interest, she tends to appeal a strong male of any type.


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